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How different cultures affect both the practice of medicine and law. Focus on laws: public health policies - Research Paper Example

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In particular, the paper will focus on the physician-patient relationship, physician and patient decision-making rights, health care financing,…
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"How different cultures affect both the practice of medicine and law. Focus on laws: public health policies"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the paper will focus on the implications of the Patient’s Bill of Rights, especially its influence on the treatment of minorities. By examining this historically important bill, the dissertation intends to clarify the process by which culture transforms public health, health care financing, and the very core of physician-patient interaction.
Sources that will be included: (1) studies on health care disparities in the U.S., (2) health care policies, (3) Patient’s Bill of Rights, (4) studies on health-care disparities elsewhere, and (5) physicians. Data will be collected from archives, interviews, newspapers, and published reports to support my findings. Furthermore, the research hopes to show that although some view federal agencies, courts, or political parties as the agents driving institutional change these groups have acted in response to the pull of cultural movement. In order to better illustrate the “pull” the paper will include historical detail on the expansion of patient rights and gains in federal power, the diminishing of health care discrimination, and the emergence of cultural consciousness by the physician.
And as the United States culture continues to evolve, so will health care policies. During the twentieth first century, both physicians and patients remain culturally ignorant of those around them. Often, minorities are not knowledgeable in the mechanics of the United States health care system, resulting in poor-quality health care for these groups. Moreover, the increasing elderly population has placed and will continue to place further constraints on the federal government. Medical staff will become in short supply and, with an already bad economy, the government is scrambling to find a solution to monetarily aid the retirement community. These events will bring about a new cultural revolution which will provide a lasting effect on the health care ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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