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Introduction to Accounting and finance -- Economics, Finance and Management - Assignment Example

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The company’s initial cash flow position seems to be deteriorating for the company but as the time progresses the company makes up some positive balances, the negative cash flow position in June gradually turns up positive the next month and this positive shift is carried out…
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Introduction to Accounting and finance -- Economics, Finance and Management
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Download file to see previous pages reality this may not be the case, the company may face sudden changes in any of these estimates and if any major change occurs, it would definitely affect the estimate and the cash flow forecast presented above. Although the company’s cash position improves gradually during the 6 month period according to the cash flow forecast there may be certain areas that may need to be considered. (BusinessLink, 2010)
Managers need to be aware of the huge interest that the company has to pay for the overdrafts and the loans taken out by the company, managers should choose between the best possible sources of loan i.e. either the overdraft or the long term loan to manage the company more effectively. (Wilkinghoff, 2009)
There is a major difference between the cash earned by a company and its profit. The profits that a company makes are usually based upon accounting techniques and standards and these do not always show the correct picture of a company. Profit is derived by deducting the revenue earned from the cost incurred in gaining those revenue plus other immaterial things such as depreciation, provisions, amortization, goodwill, etc. these figures are fictitious and are not in cash terms i.e. no cash is either received or paid when such things occur. Cash on the other hand gives a better picture of a company which can clearly make the managers ascertain the liquidity position of a company and the company’s actual earnings with respect to its actual spending. The cash figure clearly tells the managers as to how much liquid cash is available that can be used to invest in the business or can be paid off to its shareholders. (Liquidity, 2010)
The balance sheet of Hide and Seek Ltd clearly shows the depreciation figure used up in calculating the net worth of the noncurrent assets of the organization. The balance sheet clearly shows that the company has a good working capital of around £3100 but this is not shown in the cash flow forecast for the month of June, which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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