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Explain Jim's character and why he treats Laura as he does - Essay Example

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The great play of its time, ‘The Glass Menagerie’ portrays the story of four key characters- Amanda Wingfield, Laura Wingfield, Tom Wingfield and Jim O’Connor. The narrator William Tennessee powered his imagination with acute care for animating his favorite characters in…
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Explain Jims character and why he treats Laura as he does
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Explain Jim's character and why he treats Laura as he does

Download file to see previous pages... That is how the play gets its name “The Glass Menagerie”. Beyond every sentimental elements found in this play, its theme circles around the two characters, Laura and Jim.
Jim O’ Connor in the play is portrayed as a hero in his high school age itself. He mastered everything he did and convinced others that he could go farther than they would expect him to. In his teen days, he would sing well and make a circle of fans around him with his wits. He is a pleasing personality that can easily gain room in anybody’s heart. Although he does nothing that impresses others, the conviction in his words leaves an unshakable trust among his listeners. An adventure loving man he is, he changes his life style time to time and searches the new entertaining things to enthrall himself. When Tom meets him at the work place, Jim is an absolute movie fan. Loneliness and youthful inspirations drive his way from one spot to another in search of joy.
Jim has been introduced as “a nice, ordinary, young man” (p. XIII) but his nature is rather skeptical as the way he meets Laura and recollects his past in the play. Jim never seems to be concerned about Laura except for the little love he has for her from the memories. Altogether, his character in the play is nurtured with ambiguity that of a man who willfully conceals his desire to escape situations for better choices with unwillingness to leave his little old love. He poses a role for self deceit when he leaves Laura for Betty, his fiancée.
Jim’s character in the play grows rather displeasing to normal audience at the end of the tale because of his ill motivated school days and the loneliness he chose to grow with. As the way his days with Tom’s family grow affectionate, he regains everything he wanted to have right from his teenage. Though he loves Laura, his insider always suggests him a way out- a way that meets his desires at reality. Laura-though is very beautiful like a glass toy, is very fragile ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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