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Range Planning Case Study for Area 51 / Written Report - Essay Example

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However there are some key personnel which are responsible for the success of an organization. Such roles are sometimes taken as a key success factor and people working in these roles are invaluable. A…
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Range Planning Case Study for Area 51 / Written Report
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"Range Planning Case Study for Area 51 / Written Report"

Download file to see previous pages ales figures from different shops, analyzing trends for coming years, participating with designers in designs, assembling prototypes, determining price ranges etc. These buyers decide which products much be bought and at what prices. Therefore they play a major role in deciding both selling price and cost of buying. Buyers usually set up their buying teams.
The merchandiser has an altogether different role from the fashion buyer. The merchandiser acts as a bridge between the buyer and seller. The merchandiser also however takes into account the financial perspective of things and ensures that a profit is generated. Relaying customer knowledge back to the designers is also an important aspect of a merchandizing job. This is done by analyzing sales figures and returns etc. The maintenance of stock according to seasonal demands is thus the job of merchandiser. They work in teams which forecast budgets and sales. Therefore merchandiser plays a key role in decision to buy.
The best performance has been made by coats as can be seen from the figures. Last years the sales for were at 125,000 pounds. This year however the sales have increased to 197,000 pounds. This shows an increase of 37% year on year in sales of trousers which is the highest in all categories. The worst performance has been shown by denim which fallen from 243000 pounds to 234000 pounds a decrease of 4%.
The sales targets should be moved up to create ambition and target higher performance. The past trend is an important factor in deciding sales forecast and trends and must be taken into account. For growing markets with aggressive promotions these sales trends can be misleading therefore they should only be used to calculate demand. The estimated impact of promotions and competition is integral in deciding sales forecasts. The area which is slacking i.e. Denim should be more focused. Moreover other areas are doing fine and sales targets should focus on incremental increase in all product sales.
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Range Planning Case Study for Area 51 / Written Report Essay.
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