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Write an that examines the roles that are played by the Greek gods in the Iliad. Be sure that you also consider the role played by fate - Essay Example

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Analyzing Homer’s depiction of the significance of gods to man’s fate in the epic poem Iliad would delve on the age old theme of divine intervention in man’s life. Tracing the theme’s origins from the first accounts of divine governance evident in the Bible, this subject…
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Write an essay that examines the roles that are played by the Greek gods in the Iliad. Be sure that you also consider the role played by fate
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Write an that examines the roles that are played by the Greek gods in the Iliad. Be sure that you also consider the role played by fate

Download file to see previous pages... e this topic is mostly inspired by what literary authors see in real life, it is necessary to have a look at the faith of people during Homer’s time as well as the beliefs of people at present.
In examining the Iliad, it is best to look initially into the culture and beliefs of people during Homer’s time. Investigating Homer’s life may be difficult as accounts of his personal life are elusive though archaeological evidences provide a picture of the era in which Homer was believed to have existed. Historians estimated that Homer existed between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age based on the description of the battle gear used by the characters such as the helmet mentioned in the lines that say “his gleaming helmet, made with four layers of metal, nodding fiercely forward.” (Homer Book 22) Moreover, the temples dedicated to the gods mentioned in Iliad are existent although the location describe by Homer is different from the sites of temple ruins that archaeologists had unearthed. (Powell 36) One particular temple is that of the goddess Minerva or Athena mentioned in the lines “Hecuba took out the largest robe, and the one that was most beautifully enriched with embroidery, as an offering to Minerva...With this she went on her way and many matrons with her…The women lifted up their hands to the goddess with a loud cry, and Theano took the robe to lay it upon the knees of Minerva, praying the while to the daughter of great Jove…”Holy Minerva,” she cried, “protectress of our city, mighty goddess, break the spear of Diomed and lay him low before the Scaean gates. Do this, and we will sacrifice twelve heifers that have never yet known the goad, in your temple, if you will have pity upon the town, with the wives and little ones of the Trojans.,” (Homer Book 6) One of these temples were discovered by archaeologists and is presently known as the Parthenon though there are no evidences that the Parthenon was the temple described by Homer in his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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