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Qualitative Social Research - Essay Example

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The current repot looks at gender roles in society, and examines several research studies done on this subject, with special attention paid to methodology. Overall, a summary of the issue of what gender roles, both male and female, mean in society, is approached, regarding…
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Qualitative Social Research
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Download file to see previous pages used to define the control and social control mechanisms of the state in terms of gender, stating that males are in a position of power and women in one of sublimation.
As one source shows, using a qualitative method of case study analysis, patriarchy can be applied to the role of the state in women’s issues to explain inequities in the system. “The social roles men and women occupy may account for gender differences... Women are thought to have poorer experiences within any given role (role strain theory), have more conflicts among their different roles (role-configuration theory), or have fewer role opportunities available to them (role accumulation hypothesis) compared to men” (Ericsson and Ciarlo, 2000). These researchers realize that there are also other various gender role theories which use the patriarchy as a target of oppression and as a way of explaining why women in state institutions have sometimes been overrepresented historically in terms of certain perceived illnesses that were often socially based.
Other sources take a more cultural view, rather than a social and historical view, when it comes to the problem of gender and how it has developed to the modern day. “Television’s first and strongest impact is on the perception that women have of the public male world and the place they have in it. Television is an especially potent force for integrating women because television brings the public domain to women” (Spigel, 2001). This is one common argument using popular culture, and represents the search for a more personal vision. “Postwar media often suggested that television would increased women’s social isolation from public life by reinforcing spatial hierarchies that had already defined their everyday experiences in patriarchal cultures” (Spigel. 2001). There are many perspectives with which to define these issues.
Although feminist perspectives on gender may focus on historical change within their portrayals, they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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