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Imagining a continuation of The Road by Cormac McCarthy - Essay Example

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The father who had been his sole company in that long journey is no longer with him. The boy realized that death had been chasing him for many days. However,…
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Imagining a continuation of The Road by Cormac McCarthy
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"Imagining a continuation of The Road by Cormac McCarthy"

Download file to see previous pages He had not known what to expect. Around and around he went like a miserable and a dismal son who feels he is not belonging to this world.
“They may kill you. They may hurt you. You have none to depend on. The North is not a good place to go to. You will be in a real jeopardy if you go there. Life is impossible in the North. You shall suffer. None is going to help you,” a sweet soft voice addressed the boy from inside. But he was determined to continue walking along the same road.
Each time he walked he could remember all the sweet lovely conversations he had had with his father. He was cherishing many hopes waiting for life to smile again at his face and for the sky to irrigate his heart with much love. He had never experienced any sort of love except the one he truthfully felt for his father.
He was silent for a time. He listened to the cool breeze running in his broken heart forshadowing something good to happen. Something that can alter his life and bring the smile to his face again and again. To all the faces. Those who know him have all died and they could not commemorate that expected joy for which he was thirsty and hankering.
“I shall require you to accept certain assurances, sonny! You have no interest in any friends. Stick to the guidelines the father has set for you. No harm is going to touch you. No harm. No harm.”
After having a long sleep under the shadow of an orange tree, the boy woke up all suddenly. He noted that the sun had cast some of its beams on his body. He had dreamt that he was brought to a new world where all people are getting along with each other. A world where flowers are growing in utter peace and bees buzzing hither and thither, dancing in marvelous circles like a Persian dervish.
He was most happy because the birds are still chirping above not caring about hunters’ disdain and winter’s cold rain. He walked and walked. Then his eyes fell on a large house ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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