Choice a company from the Orbis database write business plan to develope an international opportunity - Essay Example

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There have been changes in every aspect including communications, transportation and technology, adding a new momentum to the competitiveness quotient of the companies. As the trading barriers have…
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Choice a company from the Orbis database write business plan to develope an international opportunity
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"Choice a company from the Orbis database write business plan to develope an international opportunity"

Download file to see previous pages The proposal contains an analysis of the proposed market size, estimated cost involved and associated risk with the same. An analysis of the environment of its home country is significant to configure its international strategies. There can be certain trading barriers which can put hurdles for the organisation to grow globally. Apart from this analysis, it is crucial for a company to enhance its competitive strategies to be ahead of its competitors. A study of the competitors and their strategies has been provided to have an enhanced and sustainable competitive advantage. An insight into the modes of entry will help to zero down on a particular entry mode for Sony to expand its business, cross borders. Overall this business report presents an analysis the global business prospects for Sony.
The company operates in the high profit consumer electronics products and gaming systems industry. The company’s production range encompasses digital cameras, semiconductors and walkman stereos (Hoovers, 2010). The company even makes a host of items like game consoles and software. Broadcasting of films, television and other video products are one of their vast operating areas. The company is also involved in music, animation production and marketing and other businesses. Apart of all these global businesses, the company is also engaged in the financial service businesses, but this operational area is confined only to its home country, Japan.
To compete in any market, it is very much required for an organisation to possess competitive advantage. A firm needs to identify its competence in the market against its competitors. However, the more important pert is whether the company is able to sustain its competitive advantage. A company with a well placed strategy seeks not only to achieve its competitive advantage against its competitors, but must try to hold one the same.
Back in 1946, the company had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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