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Leaders are always accountable for failures or lack of achievement of their group - Essay Example

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He is a person who provides his team with a direction and a vision. Ever since the concept of managers evolved in our societies, the debate of the differences between managers and leaders initiated. Burton (2008) describes…
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Leaders are always accountable for failures or lack of achievement of their group
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"Leaders are always accountable for failures or lack of achievement of their group"

Download file to see previous pages a leader might suggest some ideas regarding the execution of a certain goal but the final decision comes from the leader after he has weighed all the pros and cons of a certain matter. The team members are dependant on the leader for instructions.
Baerga (2008) states that it is very unusual for a project would result in failure in a matter of a day or two. It takes a number of elements and factors that direct the projects towards failures. It is primarily the job of a leader to monitor everything regularly to ensure that the project does not head towards failure.
We shall be analyzing the role of a leader in an organization to further explain and justify the notion that leaders are responsible for all failure outcomes. Lash (2007) explains that there are many authoritative figures in an organizational setup; however the true description of a leader can fit the role of a team leader or product manager. We shall be analyzing different phases of a project in which the team leader will be seen responsible for any failure.
When a company is contacted for some project, the top management of that organization will contact the team leader of the concerned team. Heldman (2002) defines that it is the job of the team leader to analyze the requirements of the client and judge if those requirements are feasible or not. There might be different types of feasibility analysis that he might perform:
Bryce (2008) explains that the team leader should be able to identify if the scope of the project is achievable or if the client requires an unattainable result. This is the first step at which he shall be primarily responsible for the success or the failure of the project. If the team leader accepts an unachievable task then there are great chances that the project will fail. In this regard, it is best to contact the client and negotiate or discuss his demands.
Bryce (2008) also states that the team leader is also responsible to judge if his team is technically capable of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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