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'A small businesses should adopt e-commerce' - Essay Example

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The marketing of its products and services would gain leaps of strength to several niche customers and would obtain a greater…
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A small businesses should adopt e-commerce
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"'A small businesses should adopt e-commerce'"

Download file to see previous pages E-commerce is business over the internet and using the internet technologies which facilitates them to accomplish an organizations focus and objectives (Chaffey, 2004, p.46 - 53). As internet technologies are exploited to its entirety by the businesses providing products and services to consumers and customers, auctioneering turns out to be an everyday issue. Hundreds to thousands of people are taking part in the auctions which are arranged by the businesses over the internet for goods ranging from furniture to DVD’s. An internet strategy is urbanized to envelope all of their present problems and enhance good customer and supplier relations. Creating an internet website would make the company stand accessible anytime-anywhere. In doing so the security factors regarding data and transactions must be taken care. The problems with the present system must be analyzed for better insight of the organization and to fetch the primary reasons of enveloping technology.
The present system of the small business is usually traditional in nature and is composed of paper work and manual systems which do not envelope the entire business integration and online operations. There is no mechanism to capture enough personal data about customer’s, namely feedback, preferences and tastes, to retain them or get new ones. Their Customer Relationship Management is quite poor. Analysis of customer base is not done at all. In addition to that the present system neither possesses automatic links for replenishment of their stock, which makes an impact for their suppliers. The present system is quite slow and does not exploit the brand value for selling its products and services to a large community of users. The technologies have a great impact on the building and construction of the e-commerce system.
The various technologies used are classified into client and server side and more specifically they denote the e-commerce and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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