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How you manages information determines whether you lose or win” - Bill Gates (quote taken from the Book ‘Data warehouse project management’, 2000 –…
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Data warehouse
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"Data warehouse"

Download file to see previous pages ehouse is a silo of data gathered from multiple data sources that is coming from wide-ranging sources and forming an all-inclusive database by filtering the old and new data based on business logic and the need of the organization. Data warehousing is the concept of using data from the data warehouse for further processing and getting business intelligence information in an organization. In a data warehouse the flow of data and information has to be continuous, systematic and structured in a manner so that decision makers at every level in the organization can do data mining, query the data to get desired answers, systematically use it for further processing in their decision support system. Data warehousing is an information technology based system that integrates data from other business processes and business occurrence, filters and stores it in a systematic manner and allows the business verticals to use these data or information effectively.
Data warehouses are traditionally setup to update the operational data on a daily basis. There will be search engines, queries and filters inbuilt into the data warehouse system. That is why it is also termed as ‘operational data stores’.
Data warehousing is one of the basic requirements for implementing an effective Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP) in any organisation. The success of any business strategy system and tools are dependent on the maximum control over the data or information flow. The control over the business –data is possible through the maintenance of a centralized data store. A centralized data store can be readily accessed by the management and various departments for effective decision making and planning the operational schedule. An ideal MRP system will provide the managers and departments with updated stock information and activity schedules that help in formulating effective production strategies in addition to facilitating improved visibility of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Data Warehouse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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