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Social Psychology - Assignment Example

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The first situation was written by a newlywed mother about her relationship with her husband, Simon, and her husband’s mother, Bernice (Classic Ann Landers). Being in a tough situation dealing with a mother-in-law has happened to many. Conflicts between the daughter-in-law and…
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Social Psychology
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"Social Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages First, Bernice stood up in the wedding and announced to all the visitors that the reason for the wedding was the advice-seeker’s pregnancy. And that the pregnancy was done in purpose to tie down Simon. Second, during Bernice’s hospital visit when the advice-seeker gave birth, she once again reiterated that the pregnancy was just a rouse to tie her son down. The final straw for the advice-seeker was during the college graduation party of her husband. Bernice made reservations for everyone but the advice-seeker and her baby. And everytime conflict happens, the advice-seeker will get the same answer from her husband, “I can’t control my mother.” The situation shows high consistency in Bernice’s and Simon’s behaviour thus implying that the root cause of the conflict between the marriage is Bernice’s behaviour towards the advice-seeker. These situations also indicate low distinctiveness since in different stimuli and events, Bernice has the same reaction towards her daughter-in-law. Bernice’s behaviour indicates clearly resentfulness towards her daughter-in-law and Simon’s behaviour indicates clearly that Simon hasn’t come into terms that he should be supporting his wife and defending her and their marriage against her mother.
The situation shows high consensus, low distinctiveness and high consistency. This leads to a conclusion that the marriage is continually being destroyed because of the behaviour and actions of the mother-in-law and the husband’s low response with his wife’s need of support against her mother’s behaviour. The marriage may then really be saved if the couple will not encounter anymore of the mother-in-law’s behaviour.
The second situation tells about how a woman wanted to help out her friend in dealing with his son (Dear Abby). The deep friendship between the woman and the father started from the time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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