Internal Marketing: improving internal processes, and quality of products and services. (Toyota) - Essay Example

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To handle the topic of internal marketing successfully we must first have a clear definition of what the term ‘internal marketing’ actually means, what activities it refers to and how it is implemented. According to Rafiq and Ahmed (2000), the concept ‘internal…
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Internal Marketing: improving internal processes, and quality of products and services. (Toyota)
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"Internal Marketing: improving internal processes, and quality of products and services. (Toyota)"

Download file to see previous pages The second stage which a saw a growth in the term internal marketing included the consideration that the employees that are hired should have a disposition that they can interact effectively with the customers. This is different from stage one as it requires that the employees are not only satisfied with their job and wanting to perform better but that they should be mindful of customers and aware of how to serve their needs through excellent provision of services. The third stage in the advancement of the phrase internal marketing enhanced the objectives beyond just employee satisfaction or customer awareness. Internal marketing came to be a tool to decrease departmental remoteness, conquer opposition to change within the organization as well as put into practice the organizational policies; its focus shifted to that of implementation. Other authors too shed light on the topic of internal marketing and its scope. George (1990) argues that internal marketing can be very effective in setting up a direction towards providing services as the organization’s focus. Singh (1990) talks about the concept of competitive advantage and how providing excellent services can be a great way to achieve this competitive advantage and have an edge over your competitors. This in turn will require internal marketing, which should center on trying to make everyone in the whole organization have the same commitment to providing customers with such services.
Having considered the importance of internal marketing we can now shift our discussion to some of the modern business practices organizations are adopting. We will evaluate these practices and then discuss how they are implemented in businesses and what challenges are faced during implementation.
According to a study conducted (Incentive performance Central, 2006), there are six main internal marketing practices. The best practice is seen as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internal Marketing: Improving Internal Processes, and Quality of Essay.
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