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Principles of business Law - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Further, House of Lords is like a Supreme Court, and it is the apex court of appeal from verdicts of the superior courts Northern Ireland, England and Wales and…
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Principles of business Law
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"Principles of business Law"

Download file to see previous pages The legal systems of the UK are footed on the common law. In 1998, some devolution of legislation was carried out and due to that process, some of the legislative authorities have been delegated to the Scottish Parliament and some more restricted delegation of power were given to the Northern Ireland and Welsh Assemblies.
In UK, the legal profession is bifurcated into barristers and Solicitors. Nonetheless, under contemporary legislation, barristers and solicitors no longer enjoy a full control in respect of an area of practice in their own provinces. Thus, for instance, a solicitor who holds an advocacy certificate can still enjoy the privilege of the audience in the superior courts. (224).
At the start of 1200 in UK, a group of professional pleaders or advocates started to emerge, as some pleaders obtained familiarity of ever increasing intricate structures of procedures, which were materiliasing in Kings Courts and their services were availed by litigants. At that time, legal proceedings were held orally, and they were carried out in Norman –French and hence the advocates were supposedly originated from the upper class of French speaking society. In 1275, a provision was introduced in the statute of Westminster that those lawyers who were found guilty of deceit should be punished. The Cit y of London, in 1280, enacted rules for the oath administration to the newly –enrolled practitioners, and for maintaining three separate types of legal function namely the attorney who acts and represents on behalf of his client, the pleader which is similar to an advocate and a function which is closer to that of the solicitor and essoiner, who will plead a formal excuse if the party fails to appear in court.
At the close of the 15th century, a well settled procedure of legal training had evolved, under which the aiming pleader would take training in an Inn of Chancery and will acquire his experience in the law by observing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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