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The role of fathers - Essay Example

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The role of a father is very unique and crucial in a family and on the child’s growth and development .The main job of a father is to provide for the family with financial, physical and emotional support. Involvement and affection are the two main keys to a great father-child…
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The role of fathers
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"The role of fathers"

Download file to see previous pages However, the involvement of the father depends of various factors such as the genetic relationship, a male guardian, adopted or step father. Statistics has also proved that children who live with their father do academically well as fathers take added role in guiding their children’s social and intellectual development. Fathers play various roles and functions which are-
The effects of a father’s absence results in many economic disadvantages. It is associated with a substantial degree of isolation and affects the child’s development.(1) When fathers are disenfranchised, the research studies have shown that the children have a higher rate of suicides, asthma attacks, mental disorder, depression. (2)
According to the sociologist Lewis Yablonsky, fathering style is determined by a father’s own behavior, his financial condition and his economic status. In the past decade, the United States has been titled as the world leader in fatherless families and current statistics show that 34% of the children in the United States live without their father. Research studies have proved that there are positive effects of a father’s involvement. Statistics has proved that the children enjoy going to school and participate in extracurricular activities more when the fathers are more involved in their children’s education. There has also been evidence that the children have more self control and have the ability to take more initiatives and risks.(2)
The role of the father and his involvement impacts the children’s development, survival and growth, health and child’s emerging capacity. The father’s contribution to children’s well being is through interactions, constructive engagement in family and social life. (3)
3. Ball, Jessica & Ken Moselle, Father’s contribution to children’s well Being, Public Health Agency of Canada, population health Fund Project, 10th April 2007, from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Fathers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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