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According to my thinking, every student should study computer science as a compulsory subject as it is the need of the hour. Nowadays, computer is being used excessively in each and every institution of a country due to…
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Why do you want to study computer science
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Download file to see previous pages When I was a child, I developed liking for computer. It was an attractive machine for me and I tried to use it whenever I got a chance. With the passage of time, I learned to solve computer problems. At the age of twelve, my uncle who has a bachelor degree in computer engineering helped me in solving software problems. My attachment to computer became manifold with passing time and computer science as a subject became inspirational for me.
At a very early age, I decided to study computer science due to my interest in the field. My uncle was an inspiration for me. Computer science as a subject is very advantageous as it facilitates us with knowledge that we need in today’s world. We can know about various hardware and software programs and can use them accordingly. We can know about different input and output devices that can help us in doing many tasks.
Computer science is a broad field that offers the students of computer science a wide number of opportunities to prosper in their future. After acquiring the education of computer science, the students of the field are awarded with good positions in the job market due to their attained eligibility. Not only the students are able to understand all hardware and software problems but they I can also use their knowledge in their job settings. They can prove helpful in many projects started by companies. The companies today are in need of many software programs to run their day-to-day operations. Data management, information gathering, data retrieval, account balancing and much more are crucial functions that require the involvement of computer science experts. Therefore, to study computer science is really necessary for a person living in today’s world.
Computer science offers learning of computer languages and programming, which are quite beneficial in today’s world. With the help of computer languages and programming software programs, the students ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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