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Population Resource Environment - Essay Example

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It is a federal protected area which aims to maintain existing natural conditions and resource values of the variety of plant and animal life that exists within that environment. It is…
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Population Resource Environment
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"Population Resource Environment"

Download file to see previous pages To address this issue, a proposed energy plan to drill the ANWR has been revisited. Data results that the US Geological Survey released estimated a 95% chance that 11.6 billion barrels of oil is present in the area (Corn, 51). This proposal caused the conservationists to react because of the possible negative impact on the preserved natural environment.
Analyzing the pros and cons of the proposal, I have come to stand against oil drilling in ANWR because of the negative implications it may bring on the environment and the less established positive implications that the proposal presents.
The said wildlife reserve is a federal protected area which aims to make every living thing in that environment to live under its natural environment circumstances and conditions. It is protected and isolated from human intervention to avoid unnatural wildlife disturbance. Though the oil drilling plan proposes to drill on the wilderness part of the ANWR, the drilling will still cause a disturbance in the other areas of the ANWR. A restriction in the habitat of the fauna living in the area caused by the development may result to a decline in the herds (McKinney,, 193). The Inupiat tribe living in the borders of the area might also be affected since their cultural tradition is linked to the caribou, which they believe will be endangered by the development (McKinney,, 193).
The oil that can be produced by the development, according to the US Energy Information Administration, will lower the world price of oil by no more than $1.44 per barrel (Lavelle, Arctic Drilling). This indicates little impact on the oil market making the development insignificant.
This issue is a matter of development against natural environment preservation. We have to understand that one of the major reasons on why natural calamities have an exaggerated effect on our surroundings is because of human intervention itself. It is sad that human beings are very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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