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“Drug courts are specialized courts which deal with drug-related offenses” (Hartney, 2009). These are the courts which are given…
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Team Paper
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"Team Paper"

Download file to see previous pages As the fields of criminal justice and drug offenders’ treatment are getting a lot of help from the drug courts, the number of drug courts all over the world is significantly increasing. Drug courts are improving the judicial system because they provide leadership for the treatment of offenders, provide supervision as a vital component of the drug courts and it also helps in improving communication between the offenders and the drug court teams.
Apart from the cons related to drug courts, drug courts are not only helping those people who are brought to such places by their relatives for the purpose of drug addiction treatment, but also it has proved to be a great place for such people who really want to get treatment, not a forced one by their relatives. Bewley-Taylor (1999) found that drug courts are important for drug offenders because they provide the offenders with such treatment programs which may result in dismissal of the charges and lesser penalties. A model drug court includes incorporation of drug testing into case processing, creation of an association between a defendant and the court, sending the defendants for treatment soon after identification, providing access to a range of not only treatment but also rehabilitation services and observing self-denial through drug testing. Nolan (2001) found that a single agency can’t alone tackle drug and crime offenders, so drug courts work in cooperation with judges, court personnel and treatment providers. A large number of drug court evaluations have been done over a decade mainly focusing on two outcomes; criminal recidivism and rates of retention and completion.
After discussing pros and cons of drug courts, it is recommended for the county to create an operational drug court which will not only help the government and the tax payers in saving money but also will help in reducing case load of judicial courts. Use of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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