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What are alternative sources of funding in the fire service during difficult economic times - Research Proposal Example

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The idea of fighting the blaze with a handful of workforce is not quite desirable by the fire fighters. However during the recession period, organisations prefer the public safety sector so as to cut down their expenses in order to…
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What are alternative sources of funding in the fire service during difficult economic times
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"What are alternative sources of funding in the fire service during difficult economic times"

Download file to see previous pages Hence it is better to fight the turmoil with the alternative strategies of funding.
Limited by a stipulated budget, the fire department in the United States are trying to capitalise on a wide range of fund raising approaches beyond the conventional methods (US Fire Administration, n.d.). The fund raising strategies can vary from small fees to large sources of fund as benefit assessments. Sometimes these major funding sources pay off as much as 40 percent of the service budget. Development fees and subscription charges are two of its major alternative funding strategies. These are the fees which the private investors pay for constructing a new fire stations and buying related apparatus. Subscription charges are paid by the households and are a part of the emergency medical services availed by them (US Fire Administration, n.d.).
Some fire divisions have suggested, keeping these fees specific for small house hold fires. According to them, an additional service charge must be paid for dealing with the emergency services. Few fire departments, though aware of the fact that the housing insurance policies do cover up a few thousand dollars for fire protection fees, would still like to charge for fire prevention services. Some other departments charge almost for everything, starting from simple services to the special emergency ones (US Fire Administration, n.d.). The payment can be in two ways; either by subscription fee or by service fees for each of the services.
The major source of funding comes from the emergency incidents. Some services which were free earlier are charged these days. Some local funding strategy include tax revenue, borrowing, leasing, benefit assessment charges, fees, strategic alliances, cost sharing and consolidations, fines and citations, sales of assets and services, subscriptions and impact development fees (US Fire Administration, n.d.). Apart from these there are more miscellaneous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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