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I consider the first key step among these to be of utmost importance in my life – “be true to yourself and your values”. I strongly…
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Discussion and self reflection assignment
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Judith Shamian offers eight key steps to “unlocking the leaser within” in the interview d “Be True to Yourself and Your Values”. I consider the first key step among these to be of utmost importance in my life – “be true to yourself and your values”. I strongly believe that one can rise up to a leadership position only through a clear insight into one’s own values in life. If one is not passionate about certain values, it becomes impossible to have the vision that Shamian considers to be the most significant attribute of good leadership. Nurses are always a in a position to put forward path breaking views on existing medical system all over the world. A new vision gets easily translated into a reality, if there is sufficient passion to support it all through its phases of conception, growth and manifestation.
As a nurse, I would like to remain truthful to myself as much as possible in whatever I do. One can be truly professional only if there is no disparity between one’s goals and what one truly likes do in order to reach that goal. As far as I am concerned, it is always a pleasure to get involved in team work, share my knowledge with others, learn from others and take important, informed decisions as an individual whenever necessary. I have often felt that decision making is possible only when we are not mentally and physically distanced from the issues at hand. The more we could get involved in something, the easier it becomes to take good decisions. What guides one’s decisions is the innate sense of values that is part of one’s self. Therefore, I would always attempt retrospective introspections in situations where I am required to be in a leadership position. The best thing to make this process take place smoothly and effectively is to ask myself constantly whether I can remain true to myself and my values while indulged in passionate work related to nursing.
Shamian, J. (2005). Judith Shamian: Be true to yourself and your values. Canadian
Journal of Nursing Leadership, 18 (3): 19-22.
Personal Self Reflection on class/online participation NRS. 426 (to be submitted on-line by 2100 Monday following class)
# Week & Date: Week 4 February 05, 2010___ Name:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________
Supporting data
Participation in class & on-line discussion/weekly reflection question regarding leadership concepts
For me the most important step towards leadership is “to be true to myself and my values”. A vision, which is an integral part in leadership, comes from true passion and conviction. Therefore, if I am sure that I am doing what I am passionate about, there can be nothing to stop me. A lot of self-confidence and energy can come out of doing what we believe in. It is possible to gradually inculcate values related to one’s career. I watched a video recently. It was on enabling people, and I was really impressed by its depiction of a leader who was very energetic. He was able to motivate the crowd instantaneously. He spoke of rule number six – look for shining eyes, enroll the voice in the vision, quiet the voice in the head that says I can’t do it, the characteristic of a true leader is not to doubt the capability of those they are leading, etc. I am truly convinced by such real-life examples where someone who is truly passionate about a vision can very effectively fit into a role of leadership.
Preparation of weekly reading material
I read class materials and came prepared to participate in class discussions.
Contribution to class was ……
Discussed and shared info on values of influence such as patience. One has to wait for the right time to bring out values that are necessary for a career like nursing. The very nature of nursing calls for a lot of patience and clear understanding, and I consider them to be great values in life as well.
Analysis of ideas, opinions & information as seen by….
Enabling millions of people in one’s lifetime is the best thing about nursing. It cannot be limited to patients and colleagues, but everyone who witness their work. A good nurse never leads someone to a daily regime of dependency, but leads her/him to what is possible even with physical and mental limitations. Anyone who is depressed in life will not be able to bring out his/her best abilities to bring in more quality to life. Energizing such people will make someone a true leader, in her profession and life.
Generates discussion
We discussed what we thought “enabling others to act” meant to each one of us.
Shares information
I Discussed and shared. The values of patience and perseverance mean a lot to me. I reckon the need to follow a certain amount of morals in life, which will lead to the overall mind set on values.
Listens attentively to others
Acknowledges colleagues’ ideas
Yes, I listened to my peers reflect on their personal best stories and their thoughts on who or what makes a good leader and the common themes in the group
Attended class
Overall comments & personal identification of grade for the week
In addition to Kouzes & Posner’s model, I have done some self-research in order to realize what my true feelings are towards the profession. My genuine feeling is that one has to be passionate about the profession one chooses – the vision and execution follows smoothly in that case. Those who have an inner conviction to speak and act the way they do ca be the best leaders in the field of nursing.
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Discussion and Self Reflection Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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