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There are two main reasons for such 1) renewable sources are free 2) use of such type of energy does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions as compared to fossil fuels. In…
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How solar cells are made
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Solar Panels: Harnessing Renewable Sources of Energy The importance of using renewable sources of energy such as solar energy is a crucial issuenowadays. There are two main reasons for such 1) renewable sources are free 2) use of such type of energy does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions as compared to fossil fuels. In Britain alone, use of solar energy is aggressively promoted by the government due to high incidence of “fuel poverty”. There are many types of solar technology that can be used depending on the needs of the consumers. However, this paper is focused on Solar Photovolatic technology commonly known as “solar cells”. In this process, PV ( photovoltaic ) energy is converted into electrical energy. According to National renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL )website , this is the most common technology used for providing energy to homes.
However, like any technology, certain steps and procedures must be thoroughly learned before one can set-up a solar panel .In fact, Solar Energy International(SEI), an online website , provides an online workshop for those who are interested in making their own solar panels. In fact, SEI suggests that one should study first “Solar Electric Fundamentals and Grid Design” before taking up other courses. A single solar panel used for homes are made up of modules that can contain about 40 cells. However, this is not sufficient that is why there is a need to produce up to 20 solar panels in order to provide electricity for a medium-sized house. There are also certain considerations such as making sure that the panels are placed in a direction that captures maximum sunlight. Usually, solar panels are placed to the south to be able to capture good sunlight.
Solar panels are made up of PV’s all lined-up together. However, a single PV is made up of “crystalline substances called silicon” (, 2007).
The Pembine Institute explains how solar cells are made:
Solar cells are typically made by slicing a large crystal of silicon into thin wafers and
putting two separate wafers with different electrical properties together, along with
wires to enable electrons to travel between layers. When sunlight strikes the solar cell,
electrons naturally travel from one layer to the other through the wire because of the different properties of the two silicon wafers. ( Renewable Energy project Kit,,2007).
Below is an illustration of how PV cells work:

Source : Pembina Institute. ( 2007)
The following illustration shows how solar panels are used to harness energy from the sun:
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Solar Photovoltaic technology.( Sep 29 2009). Retrieved from learning/ re_photovoltaics.html on Feb 12010. Read More
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How Solar Cells Are Made Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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