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Feilds write up - Case Study Example

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It was acquired from PepsiCo a 119 store, a French bakery/sandwich chain. As soon as the acquisition materialized, strength of the administrative staff of the acquired company was reduced from 53 to just 3 with the explanation…
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Feilds write up
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"Feilds write up"

Download file to see previous pages Fields’. The size of the company was enormous. Their preparations’ styling was different of baking from frozen dough the croissants, bread, hot soups and sandwiches, which was taken as an extended business from Mrs. Fields’ cookies. Naturally the company wanted to get the leverage of its MIS system, which was not updated to absorb the different administrative functionaries of LPB, as it was customized to absorb the administration work of the famous Chocolate Chip Company in the MIS system of Mrs. Fields’ Cookies. It was taken for granted that without changing the design of the MIS system to accommodate the overhead functions related to accounting, finance personal, human resource, training, and development of the acquired company, Mrs. Fields’ Cookies would be able to leverage from the current MIS system successfully.
Assuming and finding myself in the position of an LPB store manager, I should be a puzzled lot. The mechanism that I was accustomed to work in was suddenly snatched just like a sheet from under one’s feet. Finding none of the reported to staff at the senior level could be detrimental to the organization’s financial health and affect performance in all departments. As stated by Randy, the organization structure of LPB was traditional in comparison to robust IT applications employed by the IT department to organically control the empire of cookies stores expanded worldwide. Before removing the 50 overheads of the acquired company, whose store manager I am supposed to be, it would be like crippling the whole structure of the newly acquired company without replacing or changing the system wide practices. At least some technical training was needed to be imparted to the staff to become accustomed to the work processes of organization sub structures under mechanistic and organic structure heads. Store managers under Mrs. Fields’ Cookies organization structure were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Feilds Write up Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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