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I want to become part of those statistics and at the same time make a difference upon graduation.
Los Angeles is a diverse city…
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Why are you planning to transfer to USC
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I am highly interested in becoming part of the of Southern California (USC) since you have a number of prestigious and successful alumni. I want to become part of those statistics and at the same time make a difference upon graduation.
Los Angeles is a diverse city and if you are going to USC coming from a smaller town or city, it is expected to be able to acquire new experiences with many cultures to learn from. USC has a diverse student body and this will allow me to become part of it and make contributions to the campus while at the same time learn from the diverse experiences brought from other students from all over the world. Additionally, the small classes that consists of 30 students or less ensures me that I am able to focus on what I will be doing as I gain access to the faculty and become actively engaged in the process of learning.
USC´s Economics major provides weekly workshops that I would like to become part of. I would also like to become part of the USC Institute for Economic Research on Civilizations. This would tremendously help shape my major, knowledge, and future research. Becoming part of the research methodology will be a major asset to me because, I will not only perform it in the future but it will help me assist faculty members performing research. I hope USC gives me the opportunity to become part of it and helps me fulfill my goals and objectives in life. Read More
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