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All too often a person is caught in a dilemma between following the dictates of his heart, and following the dictates of established rules, customs and practices of his environment. Because of the injustices many races have suffered over the past centuries, diversity has become…
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Download file to see previous pages An experience I had had that made me realize the significance of diversity in American society was an accidental visit at a public elementary school during one of my afternoon strolls. The playground, visible through the open gates, was filled with students of different cultural backgrounds that I could not help but observe them from afar. It appeared to me that besides the kids whose descendants must have been British Pilgrims, the playground was also littered with Afro-Americans, Native Indians and Hispanics, who could probably trace their respective lineage to the days of the Atlantic Slave Trade. In addition to this assortment of races, a bird’s eye view impressed on me that some of these little boys and girls were sons and daughters of Asian immigrants presumably coming from India, China, Korea, the Philippines, and Japan. My instinct also entertained the appearance of other students, who could pass on as “white” Americans, but may actually have had Irish-Scots, French, German or Italian heritage rather than British. That was how diverse the school was and as an onlooker, I felt like I was observing the miniature representation of the United Nations and was deeply reminded of the phrase “unity in diversity.”
Having witnessed the goings-on at the playground of such a culturally diverse school, I was brought to the realization that so much has changed in America over the last six centuries. It was ironic how colonials waged the American Revolution to free themselves from British rule, but denied their slaves this very same right to freedom. Slavery, as worded in Frederick Douglass’ narrative, was a living “hell” through which dark-skinned individuals must enter a “blood-stained gate” (14). Had this hellish part of American history persisted to this day, it would have been impossible to establish multi-racial schools cramped with happy children in playful harmony, such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Narration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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