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As an example, mowing a lawn is important to keep a lawn looking beautiful all the time. Here are the steps that one should take in mowing a lawn:
4. Adjust the height of the…
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Process Document
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Download file to see previous pages This will alleviate possible injury while you are mowing. Be on the look out for toys, dog bones, branches that have fallen from the trees, cans, snack bags and so forth. Get any of these things out of the way so that you will not run over them when mowing. If there are natural obstacles like rocks that are half buried in your lawn or sewer pipes or anything that is naturally in your lawn, you will want to make a note of where they are or mark them so you do not run into them when mowing.
than one yank of the string. On an electric mower, you will have a different kind of start switch that may or may not need a key. You can locate how to start your mower by using the booklet that comes with your mower.
8. Start mowing your lawn. In order to make it look good, it is a good idea to mow it in with even lines. Moving from one end of the yard to the other in an even pattern that is either horizontal or vertical. It is a good idea to choose one way or the other so that your lawn will get used to the pattern that you choose.
9. Move at a good clip. You do not want to move too fast or too slowly. If you move too fast, you will miss spots. If you move too slowly, grass can get clogged in the blades of your lawnmower and this can stall out your lawnmower.
11. After you are finished mowing, it is a good idea to take a rake and clean up your glass clippings if you have not used a bag on your mower. Also, use your hose to spray the undercarriage of the lawn mower to free the blades of any excess grass. Note: You will also want to follow the manufacturers guidelines for cleaning your mower if you have an electric or gas powered lawnmower.
4. If part or all of your lawn is on a slop, mow across it instead of mowing vertically. However, if you are using a riding lawnmower, mowing up and down is best so that you do not tip over while ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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