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Career Speech - Essay Example

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Without wasting any time, I shall go straight to my main point. We all roughly have an idea what doctors and physicians do – they treat people. I shall discuss briefly who a family practitioner is and what they do…
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Career Speech
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"Career Speech"

Download file to see previous pages The general practitioner may attend deliveries and in most cases is the primary provider of parental care. In other words, the family doctor provides comprehensive medical services including counseling and general medical care to a family or individual without regard to gender and age. At work, the family practitioner examines patients, executes various tests, analyses and diagnoses their conditions and prescribes medications or treatment (, 2010).
Compared to general practitioners, family practice physicians generally have broader training. By training, a family doctor must complete a residency in medicine (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010). To become a practitioner, one must attend four years in college and medical school which usually takes four years. Further one must be an intern for at least one year before undertaking specialized training in family medicine for two years.
Family practitioners in many cases work in clinics or small private offices. Closely related to this profession are others like general practice, nursing, medicine, Osteopathy and veterinary medicine. In order to join this noble profession, aspiring practitioners must be self motivated, have the desire to serve sick people, able to withstand long hours and a lot of pressure at work (, 2010).
Like it happens with numerous other professions, it is advisable to seek board certification and registration as a family practitioner with recognized professional bodies. Practitioners’ wages vary depending on several factors like it happens in other fields. In the United States, for example, one may typically make between 120,000 USD and 190,000 USD in a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010). In the United Kingdom, family doctors may make between £50,000 and £175,000 on average.
On top of the hefty pay family practitioners receive, they are always ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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