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Computer Forensics
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Download file to see previous pages Now this is the point where a forensic toxicologist comes onto the scene. “According to the American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT), Forensic toxicology is interdisciplinary field of study dealing with the effects and reactions of various toxicants and chemicals on the human body” (Bell, 2008). As the name suggests, a forensic scientist works very closely with legal experts and at most of the occasions the forensic scientist himself in a situation where his opinions form the basis of legal process.
More than 21 million compounds fit the definition of intoxicant and have the capability to cause damage to the human body (Wecht & Rago, 2006). The history of this field goes back to the earliest times when human formed societies and learned about the use of various chemicals. It was in the 19th century when scientists and chemical experts gained insights about the use of chemicals and in the next century, the world witnessed cases concerned with deaths caused by intoxication more than in the previous recorded history. “Mary Ann cotton, Belle Sorrenson, Gunness Nannie Doss, Doctor Thomas Neill Cream, John Otto Hoch, Graham Frederick Young and Donald Harvey” (Hayes, 2001) are most of the most famous criminals who took unjust advantage of their knowledge of toxicants by killing people (Bell, 2008). Before the legal experts could catch their crime, they had killed many of their targets. This asked the investigators to understand the dynamics of toxicology and apply it to the field of forensics.
The applications of this field are in three major sub fields that are “postmortem forensic toxicology, human performance toxicology, and forensic drug testing” (Casarett & Doull, 1975). There are various sources for forensic testing of toxicants in human body. Testing with blood, citreous humor, urine, bile, liver, hair sample, saliva, and others are the most commonly used sources (Hayes, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Computer Forensics

...? Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 2 The business problems 3 Online frauds 3 Hacking 3 Virus 4 The process of computer forensics 4 Search and seizure 5 Analysis 5 Preservation 6 Value of computer forensics 6 Protection 7 Prosecution 7 Increased earnings 8 Minimizing computer crimes 9 Systems backups and off-site storage 9 Passwords and Encryption 10 Intrusion detection system 10 Recommendation 11 Conclusion 11 References 12 Abstract This article takes a critical analysis of computer forensics as a way of presenting evidence in courts on matters pertaining to computer crimes. It analyses...
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...?Running Head: COMPUTER FORENSICS LABORATORY COMPUTER FORENSICS LABORATORY By Processes Involved in Computer Forensics Laboratory Computer forensics is a discipline that integrates aspects of law and computer in the process of data collection and assessment from “computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices” in a manner that does not violate procedural laws on admissibility (US-CERT 2008). It involves the processes of preservation, identification, extraction and documentation. Computer forensics are conducted either offline or online. An offline analysis necessarily means conducting examination of a computer system while it is powered down and an online analysis while it is powered on. The first one... is...
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... Computer Forensics in the Organization Introduction Computer forensics or cyber forensics is a very crucial topic in information systems and network management. Forensics is a controlled procedure of gathering, examining and presenting facts and evidence to the court of law, and thus, forensic computing is defined as “the discipline that combines elements of law and computer science to collect and analyze data from computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices in a way that is admissible as evidence in a court of law” (US-CERT, para.4). This...
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Computer Forensics

...?Part Computer forensics has always interested me and though I have considered myself close to being an expert in computer science, I must admit I have had to concede that I have learned that one can do many illicit things with a computer; situations that I did not know existed. Yet on the same token the forensic investigators, “the good guys”, can counter these illegal operations with many sophisticated tricks of their own. Sometimes it is not as instantaneous or glamorous as the fancy gadgets they show on CSI NY but they have many tools available to recreate crimes that can eventually hold up in court. But the TV shows have it right in at least one...
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Computer Forensics

...Fighting Cybercrime: The Latest from Computer Forensics With the rise of Internet usage in this Information Age, there corresponded a proportional increase in its misuse. These are called cybercrimes, or those crimes done via the Internet. This paper begins by identifying the scope of cybercrimes and famous examples. Then, it proceeds to introduce the field of computer forensics, and the tools and technology that are used in this field for fighting Internet crimes. The paper finishes the discussion by enumerating applicable laws and notable contributions of computer forensics. Introduction We live in borderless world. Although people our bounded by geographic terrain, the World Wide Web has made it possible for people to connect... that...
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Computer forensics

...Computer forensics is fast growing field. The technology is advancing faster than some U.S. laws can keep up with. Probable cause, search warrants, and focus of search when dealing with computers, software, and Web content have been compared to traditional searches. Since computers contain so much information, it is possible to uncover incriminating information that cannot be used due to the limited search warrant. The motivation behind the search and seizure laws will be examined in relation to the computer forensic field. The timely processing of a computer and software must be taken into account. If not collected...
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Computer Forensics

...Computer Forensics Computer Forensics Even though, computers and internet have helped human to bring revolutionary changes in life styles, it is alsocreating worries because of the misuse. In fact cyber crimes are growing day by day everywhere. The antisocial elements are capable of destroying or breaking the highly secure and strong firewalls in order to steal sensitive information from the computers and internet. In short, the security of computers and internet is highly important in the present day computer dominated world. Computer forensics is relatively a new area...
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...COMPUTER FORENSICS Table of Contents Introduction Computer forensics can be defined in many ways. Though, normally, computer forensics is recognized as a method utilized for the analytical analysis and investigative methods to identify, gather, inspect and preserve information and evidence which is magnetically encoded or stored. Typically computer forensics is used to offer digital evidence of a broad and specific activity in any area of life. Additionally, a forensic analysis is performed for a wide variety of reasons. In the majority of cases, computer forensics is used for the high profile civil litigation or criminal investigation, however digital forensic methods can be of value in a broad range of circumstances, comprising... ,...
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...Computer Forensics - Case Portfolio 0 Case Summary The case is based on a criminal incident against child pornography. One of the employee in Widget Corporation namely Mr. Didit has been alleged for developing child pornography during the office premises. As a result, forensic investigation agency has been summoned in order to collect and examine digital evidences from the crime scene. Throughout the investigation process the legality and fairness has been maintained by engaging in best practices for evidence treatment. Various evidences have been gathered from the crime scene in order to judge that the employee is guilty of such a cyber-crime during office work time. 2.0...
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Computer Forensics

...45 questions, worth 2 points each question worth 10 points In a criminal investigation, the prosecutor is required to provide a copy of all evidence in discovery. In these investigations, what is the minimum number of copies that should be made of each digital media device? ________ TWO 2. True or False: Of the three phases of an investigation: Acquisition, Authentication, and Analysis, Acquisition is the process of retrieving digital evidence and verifying that it is authentic. ________ FALSE 3. “A specialty field in which companies retrieve files that were deleted accidentally or purposefully” is the definition for which of the following terms? ________ a. Private Investigation b. Computer...
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