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The initiation development and consequences of many fires are either directly or indirectly related to the actions or omissions of people associated with the incident scene. Discuss the relevant aspects of human behavior and characteristics which may impact on the cause and…
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Download file to see previous pages They should be taught how to deal with panicky situations, how to deal with emergency and to how to address their safety in such undesirable circumstances.
Life safety is very important and given the context, it means trying to curb down un-necessary exposure to the harmful products due to combustion. There are three basic directions that need to be followed. The first one is to try stopping ignition, the second one is to control the outbreak of fire and the third one is to keep the humans safe from the byproducts of combustion. This can be done keeping in mind the concepts of either of the three of time, distance and shielding.
The smoke and heat don’t develop instantaneously. They develop over time to create a harmful hazardous environment. There are a lot of variables involved and each of these variables varies in different circumstances so the rate at which this happens can’t be exactly predicted. The fire starts of as small and slowly gradually intensifies thus invoking a very hazardous environment in the process. The fire can be detected by either of the 2, through automatic means or by personnel detection. The real focus should be on what stage after ignition and heat buildup has the fire been discovered. It is that stage which will have a major impact on the life safety measures that would be taken up.
It is not necessary that all the occupants at the site of the fire will react to it in the same way. The reaction of two different people will vary. The reaction of a single individual can also vary in different time frames, in different settings. It is not necessary that someone who reacts in a particular way at one point in time will react in exactly the same way three days from now.
By reaction, it is meant, how humans react to smoke build up, to the flame, to the burns, to the hue and cry etc. There are some factors that help determine how humans react to fire situations typically. These factors are:
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