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The Petrochemical Industries in Qatar - Research Paper Example

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It is has very large gas reserves. In the 1980’s and the early 1990’s, the country suffered due to siphoning of petroleum by the then ruler of the country. But of late, the country’s economy has experienced growth due to the high oil prices. The…
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The Petrochemical Industries in Qatar
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"The Petrochemical Industries in Qatar"

Download file to see previous pages The two products have made the country to be the second highest per capita income country in the world. It has 26 trillion cubic metres of natural gas reserves. Oil and natural gas exports are the main source of income generation. Its firm policy in the field of economy is to expand the sources of income and try to make the economic growth stable by making use of its natural resources and developing gas field and petrol chemical industries. The country has had success in the establishment and the operation of a massive industrial base. This has led to the country becoming the major producer of natural liquefied gas and other petroleum products. This has boosted the country’s income and the development of its economic structures.
Oxidation coupling of methane is one of the methods used in petrol chemicals in Qatar. There are different technologies that are used in its operation. This paper will look at the technologies and each of the pros and cons of the technologies. In conclusion, the best technology that should be used in Qatar chemical industries will be recommended.
One of the processes is the oxidation of methane enhanced by thermally optimised reactors and immediate separation. There are a few conversion schemes of methane which have a capacity to offer a simple and economic production of liquid fuels that are transportable from many natural gas fields in the world. For example, production of C2 hydro carbons by oxidising methane has been restricted because it has a low yield. In order to solve this problem, a system known as novel multi bed system has been designed by mesoscopic devices. This offers a low cost and high yield oxidation. This also assists in applying the same design in other processes of oxidation resulting in the same benefits. There is also increase in conversion and selectivity for the oxidation coupling of methane. (Tonkovich 1993)
However economic practicability of oxidation coupling of methane should have a high activity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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