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Will Drugs Make Us Smarter and Happier summary & Critique Assignment - Book Report/Review Example

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There are a lot of entities that have revolutionalized the world around us for instance computers but this article focuses on the way drugs can…
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Will Drugs Make Us Smarter and Happier summary & Critique Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages ctivity and develops sharp driving skills, during day to help enhance his memory at and at night when he is home, they help him from being put off by the tantrums of his wife... James points out the way enhancement drugs can help humans from all genre’s be it college students to ace exams, a guitarist to help him relieve himself of pre-performance jitters or for coffee-addicts to help them in their sleep-disorder. If rules to develop enhancement drugs by FDA are ruled out, then in a matter of few decades drugs can be used to alter or sculpt every aspect of human behavior. Naam believes that if computers could transform the world, the drugs should be allowed to do the same as well and humans should have right to do with their brains what they please. He is friends with Dr Lynch who owns a company called Cortex where they are building memory enhancement drugs-amp amine. The drug aims to bar its users from forgetting and could have long term advantages on everyone. The article talks about how it was tried and tested on rodents after which it was concluded that the drugs can even help Alzheimer patients. However the author exercises his warning as he claims that amp amine can impair the forgetting power of the brain which could be a liability as our brains would end up in a trivia. Yet the powers of memory enhancement outweigh the liability. Development of the Human Genome Project should be used to capitalize on drug development to help make humans happier than ever before. In this regard drugs having extra receptors for hormone vasopressin were also recommended, which could help make them arouse sexually with females even before having sex. And eventually; “happiness”. (Vlahos)
I read through the article twice and figured out the main players in the article, Naam and Lynch. Once I had done that, I zeroed down on what message the article was trying to convey. Because it was a long summary, I even extracted the arguments that supported behind the main idea of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Will Drugs Make Us Smarter and Happier Summary & Critique Assignment Book Report/Review.
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