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According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the number of officers killed in the line of duty by gunfire increased by 24 % from the year 2008. Let us not forget the accidental shooting…
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Deviant Behavior Homework Chapter 1
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The Responsibilities of Owning a Gun Illegal firearms caused the death of over 30,000 Americans each year. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the number of officers killed in the line of duty by gunfire increased by 24 % from the year 2008. Let us not forget the accidental shooting of children by firearms that had no place in the homes they were found in. With this information why are Americans not doing more to strengthen the “Brady Bill”?
The Brady Bill: Towards Responsible Gun Ownership
The Brady law requires individuals to pass a background check before acquiring a gun from a licensed dealer; however ,the guns that were used in the most horrendous incidents were obtained outside of such laws. Indeed, irresponsible owners of guns have caused much misery to loved ones of those who died from shootings like the Virginia Tech case.
Firearms are sold and trade at local gun shows, flea markets, internet and even classified ads. These transactions do not require a background check; thus, a convicted felon or a mentally ill person can usually obtain firearms in this undesirable manner. This practice must be stopped. We must let our elected officials know the Brady law needs to govern all firearm sales for both licensed and unlicensed dealers. The waiting period should be ten business days which would allow local agencies to do the necessary detailed background check and to communicate with all other states before a purchase is made.
Florida has some of the weakest gun laws in the nation. There is no state limit on the number of firearms that can be purchased at one time. As a consequence, a gun trafficker can buy large quantities of guns from a gun store and resell them to criminals from other states with tougher gun laws. An individual should not be allowed to purchase more than one gun in a six-month period unless such person is a state licensed dealer. Unfortunately Florida has no existing state licensing or oversight system which makes it very difficult for law enforcement to monitor illegal firearms. Each state must have a gun dealer regulation which would hold a gun seller accountable for their actions and help prevent criminals and other dangerous people from obtaining guns. For those whose lives have changed because of the reckless use of a firearm, no law is ever enough.
Gun Ownership as a Right
The second website presents the justification for possessing firearms. Indeed, the Second Amendment protects the rights of all Americans to bear arms for self defense. So, why should this amendment change? The National Rifle Association has spent millions of dollars on lobbying in Washington, D.C. To ensure the right of all law abiding citizens to purchase and possess a firearm.
According to the NRA, their members are mostly people who use their firearm for sport. The gun law does not need to be changed; however, the American people need education on the proper use of firearms. This debate will continue to go on until both the gun owners and non-gun owners agree on keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous people. However, that is not enough still since there are many undocumented firearms in our streets.
In conclusion, the two websites presented differing views on the ownership of a gun. The Brady campaign emphasizes stricter control in acquiring guns so that law enforcers can monitor ownership. On the other hand, NRA advocates ownership of guns as a right. Nevertheless, between theses contentions, the main issue is the number of lives being affected when gun ownership falls into the wrong hands.
“No Background check, No Gun, No Excuses” ( video). Brady Campaign website. 3 Jan 2010.
National Rifle Association. 5 Jan 2010. Read More
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