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The testing was done on the first 2 scenarios. The main menu in KFS (Kuali Financial System) had a number of choices for the different applications grouped…
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Information flows and financial management
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Information Flows and Financial Management The Kuali Driver’s manual contains instructions regarding basic navigational scenarios that are very clearand precise. The testing was done on the first 2 scenarios. The main menu in KFS (Kuali Financial System) had a number of choices for the different applications grouped by Transactions, custom document searches, balance inquires, reports, administrative transactions, year end transactions and maintenance. The access to these transactions will be restricted to specific user groups depending on the institutional requirement. The design and the structure of the main menu are self explanatory and user friendly thus helping the user navigate with ease.
The first scenario is a simple procedure for adding a new project code to the system. One needs to enter the user name to get access into the production screen. To create a new project code, project code form has to be filled by entering all the required information. We can also confirm the submission of the project code and review the route log.
There are some new features that are added in the KFS module. For instance Kuali automatically directs the routing of the eDocs for online approval. The built in Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW) sends documents to the users set up by the organization. There are also control points established to ensure that the system does not allow duplicate entries and displays appropriate error messages. The system also allows us to send ad hoc requests even after the product code is created which makes it easier for the end users.
. The second scenario incorporates transferring funds from one account to another account using eDoc. To create a new transfer of funds eDoc, the description, account number and document overview field needs to be filled out. If invalid information is filled out, the application would indicate an error message. Once all the information is filled in, the eDoc can be submitted for Routing and approval. If the value is known to the user, it can be directly entered in eDoc otherwise the lookup icon is a very useful field which helps us search for the right values.
There is another important KFS feature which allows importing of accounting lines from comma separated values (CSV). We can access the templates from accounting fields, fill in the data and add the accounting lines by attaching the template.
My assessment of this system is that the KFS design includes a base system of general ledger, transactions, reporting and workflow hence this system can be adapted and customized to any institution as per the requirement. In addition to this, there are additional modules such as budgeting, capital assets management, enhanced decision support, purchasing/accounts payable. The reports can also be generated either in excel or in word format which makes it easier for formatting and reporting purposes. Also, the routing log captures the history of the transactions which is good control point for audit trial purposes and this includes last modified date, last approval date, initiator name and the status.
I found that if the document is rejected by the approver, the original disapproved document cannot be reworked and sent back .As an end user of this system; I consider this as rework and time consuming. However, the same disapproved document can be copied and necessary changes made except that it will have a new reference number. Having an open source software can be very difficult from an audit standpoint as anyone can modify the original software, redistribute the original and the modified versions. There is no testing involved and hence the controls should be in place and monitored from time to time.
From the scenarios that have been tested, there are some questions that would require clarification.
When the initiator has finished creating the project code, how would the approver be notified about the eDoc in his/her work list for approval.
Can we amend or delete the project codes at a later stage?
Are there any reports that can be generated as how many project codes are created?
In the second scenario, is there limit in the amount of transferring funds?
KFS is the first system created and built by students and for higher education; it can be adapted by any business institution. This system is user-friendly, interactive, clear and easily understandable and clearly reduces the administrative and implementation costs. There are also new functionalities that this system has which gives it an edge over others. There are no licensing fees involved in deploying this system, it is freely accessible and this software can be installed and used for any business and the open source software also permits the user to modify the original program. The KFS is built with service oriented architecture that allows it to integrate with other ERP solutions such as Oracle, people soft, SAP etc. for a clear class approach within the existing environment.

Literary Reference
1.‘Kuali Financial system – KFS Drivers manual V 3.0‘ .07 Jan 2010.
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