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Critical review of a journal article - Essay Example

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Since centuries, human society has been benefiting from unlimited resources of the world, and it is an observation that until few centuries ago, there was no havoc regarding the validity of the term ‘unlimited’. However, since few decades, there has been a paradigm shift…
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Critical review of a journal article
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, ecologists, environmentalists, and even business organizations are now carrying out researches and studies to benefit from the available resources of the planet efficiently. In other words, environmental management has now become a notion of survival for the organizations and even states globally that are now focusing primarily on opportunities that may bring environmental benefits that will be an alternative warfare and most importantly, dominating tool to rule the world in coming years. This paper is a little attempt to discuss some of the aspects of environmental management while focusing mainly on a scholarly piece (MacLean, 2009) that will be the fundamental basis of this paper.
Richard MacLean (2009) is the author of a significant article, “Entering the Fourth Environmental Wave” (MacLean, 2009) in which, author has done a remarkable job by defining and discussing specific issues of environmental management while providing some solutions and implications that seem practical and beneficial theoretically. In brief, the author (MacLean, 2009) began by defining that the world has been experiencing different periods of environmental alterations that occur in the form of waves. Presently, the world is confronting the fourth environmental wave that now requires business organizations to take a step forward in a strategic manner, in order to survive in this competitive era that will be involving huge efforts to acquire remaining natural resources globally.
After indicating beginning of the fourth wave, author (MacLean, 2009) specified that in order to acquire material benefits, business organizations will have to start thinking out of the box rather than following cluster of similar perspective, such as trade associations, conferences, etc. Additionally, environmental managers must begin to focus on long-term vision rather than short-term goals that may result in revenues, but in a long run, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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