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Children's rights - Essay Example

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One of the most intricate subjects when assessed in the political reality of our time coming along as the most pervasive of subjects is the issue of human rights and more specifically children rights. The fashionable characteristic of the concept of children rights which is…
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Childrens rights
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that politics takes a central place in deciding which way children rights take in given nations, it has always reeled against the lack of consensus among stakeholders marginalising political science in discussions of children rights as Beetham (1995:1) observes. As Forsythe (1991: 174) postulates, a significant majority of political scientists do not contend the perception that children rights and human rights in general are critical aspects of international relations. According to Lukes (1993:20), there are very peculiar trends that register in children rights assessments; among them is the prevalent characteristic where virtually nobody rejects the promotion of the idea of preservation of children rights yet reports of abuses of children are wrought in news agencies. One aspect worth noticing is the inverse relationship between the high political will to promote human rights and the waning philosophical commitment. Primarily, philosophy has been conspicuously sceptical about the idea of human rights with its undesirable ontological status of human rights and more specifically children rights. Conservatives that constituted the French aristocracy, as Burke (1964:25) observes, contended that astute human rights and thus children rights could only prosper on a platform of distinctive state cultural frameworks enshrined in the nation’s legal framework which form the basis for their formation and as such their appropriateness.
The United Nations Children’s Fund with its endeavour entrenched in the Convention on the rights of the child is the pioneer penal code that spells the broad diversity of the rights that individuals are entitled to throughout the world. These rights vary from person to person and constitute civil, economic as well as social together with political and cultural ones. The differing needs that characterise adult needs when compared to children’s were the motivation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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