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Darlene’s qualifications, which include her graduating from the state police academy and her experiences in the juvenile crime unit of the county sheriff’s department, makes her a credible speaker for advocating against death penalty. Being one of the few women who were…
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Evaluating Speaker Credibility
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Evaluating Speaker Credibility Darlene’s qualifications, which include her graduating from the police academy and her experiences in the juvenile crime unit of the county sheriff’s department, makes her a credible speaker for advocating against death penalty. Being one of the few women who were able to graduate from the academy creates an image of a tough person to be in her position. She is perceived to have first-hand interaction with the juvenile offenders during her training, most particularly her experiences in the juvenile crime unit of the county sheriff’s department. Her observations in her job as a policewoman greatly influence her beliefs such that it makes her trustworthy in speaking about the issue.
2. Citing evidences from the US Supreme Court cases helps enhance her persuasiveness. On the other hand, the evidences may not be effective in defending her opinions especially in delivering her speech. If she does not seem confident in delivering all the facts that she was able to gather, her advocacy may be stronger and more trustworthy. Death penalty for juveniles is a critical issue. Her confidence in delivering the facts demonstrates her own beliefs. If she looks hesitant, then, it only shows how unsure she is of her own findings and beliefs.
3. Darlene’s experiences in the juvenile crime unit contribute to her credibility to speak about the topic, as much as the evidences she obtained based from the US Supreme Court. Although she may appear hesitant in presenting these facts, the obvious reason that she had been through close encounters with the victims of such issue is already enough for her to become sincere in her convictions. Her responsibility, which is believed to arrest law offenders, also allows her to be an advocate of a law that recognizes human rights.
4. In order to convince people that one is credible to speak of an issue or even just his own opinion, he must be well-aware of these evidences and therefore must be confident in delivering them to the public. Darlene must study in detail the facts that she should present. She should also be able to connect the facts presented into different areas that also concern the issue in order to strengthen her convictions. This would give the audience the idea that she knows exactly what she is talking about. Read More
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Evaluating Speaker Credibility Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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