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The US and Arab-Israeli Diplomacy - 2 exam questions (4 pages each) - Essay Example

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Israeli-Arab tensions are higher than ever despite the ceasefire. Until your foreign policy is established in the region, a Special Envoy needs to be appointed…
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The US and Arab-Israeli Diplomacy - 2 exam questions (4 pages each)
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Download file to see previous pages Ambassadors to the various Middle Eastern countries. The Special Envoy will travel from country to country in the Middle East to achieve the American Agenda in the region.
The United States’ position on the Israeli-Arab relations has always been important. The U.S. has backed Israel since Israel became a state. Support for Israel allows the U.S. an ally in the Middle East that has a similar democracy. Saudi Arabia is an U.S. ally, but since Saudi Arabia is a monarch Israel is a more favorable choice. Still the U.S. must not anger the majority of Arab nations in the Middle East, especially since the heavy U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. The balance between doing what is right morally by promoting a democratic society and securing a good relationship with oil producing countries is the delicate balance an American Special Envoy must master.
In order to achieve the balance of American interests, the Special Envoy has to negotiate with both the Israelis and Arabs. The United States Envoy to Israel must have special qualifications. Without the right qualification an envoy could harm not only Israeli-Arab relations, but harm U.S.-Israel-Arab relations at best and at worst plunge the whole region into a war. Qualifications all U.S. Envoys need are:
Any Special Envoy appointed to Israel must address the Palestinian issue. Since Israel withdrew from Gaza, the Palestinians have elected Hamas to be Gaza’s leaders. Since Hamas has been recognized as the United States as a terrorist group, all talks are through the Palestinian National Authority. If Hamas would make concessions, the United States would consider opening talks through the Special Envoy. The recommended plan since 2001’s Mitchell Report for both Israel and Palestinians have been threefold:
2. Rebuilding of confidence in the Palestinian Authority (now the Palestinian National Authority). This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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