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Mat lab - Speech or Presentation Example

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Plotting the force as a function of x from 0 to 6*0.688 can be easily done in MATLAB without having to write a new m-file. The MathWorks website provides a comprehensive guide to use this feature. The first step is to define the values that will be used to generate a 2-d plot…
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Mat lab
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Download file to see previous pages The dots correspond to each x and y coordinates defined. The next line defines y as a function of x. Next, we highlight the two variables we have just defined in the workspace then click the button. The resulting graph is shown below:
2. Problem two is easier as we already have a bisection method program from our previous exercises. We only have to make the necessary changes on that program to answer question 2. The equation to be used is
Notice that all terms on the right side of the original equation was moved to the left so that the equation is now equal to zero (since we are looking for a point that lies in the x-axis). To give us an idea about the location of this point, we can plot it the same way we did in question 1 then choose an interval in the x-axis that encloses this point. Thus we input the following codes on the command window and click the plot button:
as this is the function that we need to integrate, then use the value of d computed from question 2. Since we need to compute for the percent relative error, we include a code in the program that calculates the exact answer to be able to compare it with the approximated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mat Lab Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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