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Private Healthcare vs Reform Healthcare - Research Paper Example

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Of course, how can one experience the pleasures of life and take on one’s responsibilities efficiently if one is in poor health? How can one enjoy life worrying if they would have enough money to live in…
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Private Healthcare vs Reform Healthcare
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Download file to see previous pages ortunately, about most Americans do not have to worry about this too much as they have purchased healthcare plans that have them covered for any eventuality concerning their health.
Yes, something as basic as our health is inevitably tied up with money matters. Healthcare is a major industry that operates on profits in order to be able to provide excellent healthcare plans that allow Americans to be able to receive proper healthcare. “Health insurance facilitates access to health care services and helps protect against the high costs of catastrophic illness” (Wilper, et al. 1). As in most countries, the government also provides health insurance, with public hospitals being subsidized all over the country, especially for those who cannot afford to buy plans offered by private companies. There is a general distinction between private and public healthcare, with the former having a reputation for being able to provide higher quality of services and better treatment than the latter (Yamamoto, Neuman and Strollo 8). As with most federally funded institutions, Medicare, “a critical source of coverage for 44 million beneficiaries,” operates on a tight budget that does not allow room for added benefits given by private health insurance companies (Yamamoto, Neuman and Strollo 7). Because of this and the fact that the healthcare system does not cover many Americans, the US government has continually been under criticism and public healthcare reform has become the stage for which political battles have been and are still currently being fought (Bureau of Labor Education 1). With the introduction of President Obama’s healthcare reform bill, the battle is on. As always, it is the Democrats (Obama’s side) vs. the Republicans. As the American nation waits for the verdict and protests continue, the question that needs to be asked now is that what really are the differences that the proposed reform healthcare intend to have and what are its effects on healthcare in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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