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Engineering Career - Essay Example

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Building a career in engineering needs hard work from the very beginning of one’s academic career. When one chooses to build an…
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Engineering Career
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Download file to see previous pages In order to get an entry-level job in any engineering field, one must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in that specific engineering field. The bachelor degree is usually a four-year program nowadays, but many students extend it to five or six years depending upon the duration of their final degree projects. The four-year program is also referred to as honors in engineering that is recognized as equivalent to the masters degree. In the first two years, the courses taught are mainly on the basics of engineering, like mathematics, circuitry and introduction to engineering. The next two years focus on the engineering primarily with courses on any chosen area of specialization. There are course projects, semester projects and a final degree project which enable the would-be-engineers to have a better, deeper and practical knowledge of the field. There are also two-year and four-year degree programs called diplomas in engineering technology which include more practical work based on engineering principles and laboratory classes rather than theoretical knowledge. But these technical graduates are not considered as professional engineers. Moreover, to get admission in an engineering college or university, it is important for the student to have a strong pre-engineering background with sufficient knowledge about mathematics, physics and chemistry. Mathematics knowledge should include algebra, geometry, calculus, theorems and trigonometry. After their bachelors degree is complete, the engineers need to get licensed in order to start their engineering career, which makes them licensed engineers or professional engineers. After becoming licensed, the engineers are offered a wide variety of jobs with higher salaries as compared to any other graduation. According to an estimate, “engineers held 1.5 million jobs in 2006…civil engineering (256,000), mechanical engineering ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Engineering Career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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