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Choose two books from list and summarize each book and then explain how they compare and or contrast - Essay Example

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Recognizing and explaining the difficulties with offering exact explanations for criminal conduct, Wilson and Hernstein, try to explain why some…
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Choose two books from list and summarize each book and then explain how they compare and or contrast
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Download file to see previous pages Wolfgang and Ferracuti offer explanations for the factors that drive homicide and other forms of violent criminal conduct. Ultimately the authors provide a generalized concept of the subculture of violence.
Wilson and Hernstein argue that many of the theories that explain criminal behavior are based on erroneous conclusions (Wilson and Hernstein 41). For example, theorizing that economic difficulties increases the incidents of crime can encourage expectation of increased crime during “economic recessions” but will at the same time direct attention away from the possibility that “prosperity” could increase criminal conduct by loosening “social bonds” (Wilson and Hernstein 41). The fact is, there are number of factors that influence individual behavior and any realistic approach to theories in criminology must take account of the different factors that drive “individual decisions” (Wilson and Hernstein 42).
It is against this background that Wilson and Hernstein bring together most of what has been gleaned from the practice of criminal justice and academic discourse such as economics, sociology, psychology and philosophy and apply this information to ascertain the underlying contributing factors to crime. The authors then come to the conclusion that there are three root causes of crime.
By looking at the statistics on the young male population, Wilson and Hernstein come to the conclusion that boys with low intelligence and anger problems are predisposed to commit crimes. It therefore follows that if boys fitting that criteria increase among the population, an increase in criminal conduct will follow (Wilson and Hernstein, 104-172). In other words, the increased population of unintelligent, ill-disciplined boys in a community corresponds with an escalation in crime.
The second set of factors that contribute to the propensity for criminal behavior is the potential ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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