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Islam and secularism are not compatible - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The role of religion in public affairs and the ensuing relationship between religious systems and the establishment of a liberal democracy has been widely debated across cultures and more specifically in the Islamist regimes, where religion is intricately entwined with politics…
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Islam and secularism are not compatible
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Download file to see previous pages This paper on “Islam and Secularism” attempts to challenge the myths associated with the role of Islam in politics and whether the notion, that Islam is incompatible with secularism, holds true. This is studied against the background of Turkey – a Muslim majority nation, which brought about widespread reforms by ushering in liberal political ideologies, through successfully implementing secularism within its political framework, despite the presence of religious fundamentalism, which is intricately woven in the fabric of the Islamist nation.
“…the doctrine that morality should be based solely in regard to the well-being of mankind in the present life to the exclusion of all considerations drawn from belief in God or in a future state" (in Afzal-Khan, Seshadri-Crooks, 2000, Pp. 160)
These definitions reflect an ideology which favors equality and fair treatment of all human beings, and is heavily influenced by modernism, and the modernization of religious outlook. The doctrine of secularism is illustrative of scientific development, industrial revolution, and the formation of a liberal democratic state, which is a stark contrast to the principles of Islam, where pseudo secularism has been known to obliterate the society, for instance the Arab experience, and according to Tamimi and Esposito (2000) has “rendered it an easy prey to a corrupt elite that very much resembles the Mafia in Italy or the white minority in the defunct apartheid regime of South Africa.
This view has been propagated and voiced by several Muslims across the globe that secularism is indeed incompatible with Islam, and hence religion and politics must not be merged. However, in the twenty first century, these beliefs have been confronted with differing opinions, especially with the emergence of moderate Islam, who readily accept modernization of the religion and express the desire to deviate from the fundamentalist perspectives who completely reject the idea of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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