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Issues on Training Employees - Essay Example

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This global aspect has made global and cultural employee training a necessity. Employees from different parts of the world have to interact through emails, phone conversation, and in person. Traditions vary from culture to culture. It is…
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Issues on Training Employees
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Download file to see previous pages Businesses from around the world run global business this way. If an American business obeys a Saudi law by sending a man, Saudis must obey American Homeland Security laws by giving proper identification and taking off shoes when going through airport security. Global businesses can be profitable, if local laws and cultures are respected. This can only be accomplished through proper employee training.
After World War II a global market opened up for business around the world. Business started expanding beyond their borders. IBM is an example of a global business. Early on IBM recognized the need for cultural diversity.
Formal statements relating to diversity at IBM can be found as far back as 1953 by the then CEO Thomas J Watson Jr, who said: ‘it is the policy of IBM to hire people who have the personality, talent and background necessary to fill a given job, regardless of race, colour or creed.’ (Nicholson 2009)
IBM recognized better business practices would be to incorporate the most qualified individual for each job. This task required cultural diversity, not only worldwide, but in their home country of the United States. The statement above was very progressive for the 1950’s. IBM started this policy and continued to this day by following:
This type of policy was brought about through laws like the American Disability Act, Affirmative Action, and other labor laws. The work/life balance is important to every country’s cultures. Different cultures expect different work days, work weeks, and vacation practices. The advancement of women can be achieved in the majority of countries that IBM operates in. However, in several Middle Eastern and other Islamic countries this is not legal or even possible. In Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Iran, and other Islamic countries women do not experience the same freedoms as they do in the West. An example would be in Saudi Arabia ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues on Training Employees Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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