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From a feudal society was born a high class Bourgeois society and a new kind of struggle and oppression made its presence felt through such…
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Using The Communist Manifesto, explain how this argument could be true
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Discussion Order No. 340917 No. of pages: 2 6530 Ancient history was always made up of societies based on their social rank such as the Patricians, Knights, Plebeians, slaves and so on. From a feudal society was born a high class Bourgeois society and a new kind of struggle and oppression made its presence felt through such class antagonism. It was during the Middle Ages that this class of rich Bourgeois played a very important role in history by snuffing out all sentiments and initiating ‘Free Trade’ which resulted in brutal exploitation of all sections of society under the cover of political and religious illusions that were fed to the gullible masses. It was in such a scenario that the Communist Manifesto evolved and took shape.
The Communist Manifesto (1848) is one of the most read and debated piece of writing of the 20th century that portrays the struggle of the weaker classes against the backdrop of a sagging economy. Marx’ ideals are echoed in the Communist Manifesto encouraging realism to take the place of idealism preached by earlier socialists.
Karl Marx greatly believed that ‘Capitalism’ in the right sense was absolutely necessary and would serve to bring about a revolutionary transformation of the world by providing a strong foundation for Communism. Marx believed that idealism that condoned various class structures was an illusion that had to be got rid of by society.
Marx and Engels fully well understood that industrialization was the answer for the positive development of the country. Competition was an accepted fact among the individuals of a capitalistic society and Marx contributed towards these influential concepts that paved the way for an Industrial revolution. The chief goals that lay behind Marx’ concept of capitalism were that all citizens should enjoy equality, private production and ownership should be abolished and a changed market economy where people could get whatever they needed in exchange for their labor. Marx was of the opinion that if states and governments were done away with, then wars would come to an end.
According to Marx, the world markets were a potent and important tool to remove the differences between nations and as they incorporated capitalism into their lives, they would not only improve international trade but also pave a new path where the world could be united in communism.
Marx believed that that an Industrial Revolution was both necessary and inevitable if a capitalistic nation had to be achieved because without it, it was not possible. He was sure that differences between countries and nations would diminish if embraced capitalism. Since the general public was not in a position to understand the importance of Marx’ concepts, the communists understood that they would have to forcibly overthrow the social conditions that existed through a communist revolution.
Karl Marx condoned the concept of industrialization and at the same time he accurately described the consequences that would logically follow capitalism, however, he did not condone globalization that would eventually lead to exploitation. He also understood that industrialization would serve to open up new markets everywhere and trade and commerce would flourish, but it would be at the cost of exploitation because the nations in power would exploit the weaker ones. The main vision behind Karl Marx’ ideals, was to build a capitalistic nation but he did not want the weaker nations to be at the mercy of those in power.
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The Communist Manifesto (1848)
Paul Brians, et al. Reading About the World, Vol. 1, 3rd edition, Harcourt Brace College Publishing.
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