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Brand description 4 - Essay Example

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This new brand will be positioned between many high-cost competitors in the luxury marketplace and set at a price which is competitive for elite fragrances. Invigo Arturo will combine the essence of…
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Brand description 4
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Download file to see previous pages In the UK and broader European marketplace, there are a substantial amount of competitors, creating difficulties in achieving brand loyalty and differentiating the product in a way that makes it outperform other fragrances. “Consumers show less brand loyalty to fragrances than other cosmetics” (Min, 2004, p.44). When the marketplace is saturated with different competitors and consumers often defect from one brand to another, attempts at gaining loyalty would require concentrated promotion as part of an integrated marketing communications campaign.
Two main competitors, Prada brand and Christian Lacroix brand, are both high-cost perfumes in the UK and will be two main forces which can take market share away from this new brand: Invigo Arturo. Prada’s main communication strategy involves its reliance on past successes with its brand in product placement in a highly-successful American import movie entitled The Devil Wears Prada. At the online company Amazon, “their Devil Wears Prada-themed shop has sold out” (Friedman, 2006, p.6). This particular film and its product placement efforts brought much higher brand exposure to international audiences, thereby boosting sales of its perfume line. Unlike many other of Prada’s perfume competitors, they do not have to rely on excessive promotional communications since the brand is receiving a high consumer following in the luxury target markets.
Prada does not cater to niche markets, but essentially uses mass marketing concepts to reach their desired demographic: The affluent, female luxury goods consumer. In relation to perfume advertising, “A lot of what is seen in our culture is based on sex” (Newman, 2006, p.50). Prada, in its print advertisements, uses light sexuality when attempting to position its product among competitors. (See Appendix 1 for an illustration of Prada Perfume advertising). Prada appeals to the consumer, rather ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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