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A clockwork orange (movie) write a critique police science class - Essay Example

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Stanley Kubrick’s film “A clockwork Orange” is all about contradictions between the totalitarian control of the state and the individual freedom of the citizen .It tells us about the futility of the State trying to rehabilitate violent citizens through counter violence…
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A clockwork orange (movie) write a critique police science class
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"A clockwork orange (movie) write a critique police science class"

Download file to see previous pages But with the withering away of these States and the great Union of Soviet republics, history has proved that any State, advocating any political philosophy can be totalitarian. Fascism is inherent in the State machinery. At the other extreme the freedom of the individual to do what ever he thinks right has to be limited too. The contradictions between the totalitarian control of the state and the individual freedom of the citizen are the thematic core of Stanley Kubrick’s film “A clockwork Orange”. The film is based on Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel by the same name, which is a complex literary satire on crime and punishment. But it must be admitted to the credit of Kubrick that he had succeeded in reworking on the hero , the British thug and sociopath named Alex De Large , by using his own cinematically unique style of presentation of the hero.
Alex De Large is a sort of an anti-hero, but is not similar to the sat upon working class anti hero, of the so called the “angry British movies” of early 1960s. Those anti-heroes had a social reason to be angry and violent. But Alex has little reason for his violence .He is violent because his mental make up is sadistic and corrupt; the only other justification can be that the people who govern and control the society are also equally corrupt and sadistic. So it becomes the easiest way for a young man to be in an economically ravaged futuristic Britain. He can just violently wander around the streets which are filled with trash. When the motives are unexplained crime can be fun. That’s what Alex, brilliantly portrayed by Malcolm McDowell who completely dominates...( read more) the feel of the character , and his gang does in the film.
Alex leads a band of hooligans whom he calls “droogs”. They are ready for an expedition of violence after drinking a glass or two of the milk plus at Korova. This milk bar in Korova with fiber glass statues of naked girls used as chairs, itself ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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