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Problems With Managing Software Development - Essay Example

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Managing the development of software is no easy task. It is a great skill which a project manager can only master after experience with several projects. Each software project…
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Problems With Managing Software Development
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"Problems With Managing Software Development"

Download file to see previous pages If all the requirements have been gathered and have been put down in an appropriate manner, the designers and developers can better understand the software and hence produce a better and reliable product. On the other hand if the software has not been defined properly, it is likely that it will not be able to meet the customer’s requirements and will contain a lot of bugs. This is another problem the managers need to consider during development.
Technology plays an important role in the process of software development. The development work is highly related to the hardware equipment being used. If, during the development process there are hardware deficiencies, it can be a huge nightmare for the developers. It can affect the quality and reliability of the output. Moreover, malfunctioning of hardware can cause delays in development schedule.
It is a standard process that the project deadlines are determined considering the development time it should take. However, in order to win over a project, many estimators put up unrealistic deadlines. This becomes a problem for the development team and it becomes extremely difficult to manage development. What ends up happening is that either the team totally ignores the deadlines and carries development on their own routine, or in order to meet the deadlines, they create panic and end up making a poor quality, unreliable product.
Composition of a software team is very important and a crucial factor in the success of a project. The project team needs to have individuals who have the right skills required for the project. If a functional team of vendors, experts, and end users doesn’t exist, the project cannot successfully complete. This is another critical problem faced during development when the team does not have the resources to complete the tasks.
User is the key person in the software process. He is the ultimate person who will be using the software ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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