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Christian Education - Research Paper Example

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Like traditional education, which focuses more on enriching the child intellectually to meet the demands of the real world, Christian Education achieves the same objective, but goes beyond the former to equip the child with the requisite knowledge of God to help live triumphantly in the secular world…
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Christian Education
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From the beginning, the gospel has always called Christians to teach and to learn. Teaching is a very important means by which the central message of the Christian faith can be communicated. Individual Christians grow as a part of a community of faith. “Children grow in the faith by the intentional action of parents, pastors, teachers and other members of the community. Christian educators participate in a God-initiated” (Matthew 28:19-20), “Spirit-empowered activity” (John 14:25-26). The living Word of God works in and through educators as they engage learners in intentional learning activities that fit each learner and are designed to pass on the Faith. In the educational process the Spirit of God encounters the people of God of all ages so that they are nurtured in the faith, grow in knowledge and are inspired and empowered to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, proclaiming the Good News, serving God and others faithfully, and working for peace and justice in God’s world.
B. Hypothesis and Arguement
In furtherance of his gospel of ‘integration’, he goes ahead to emphasize the role of the family in forming the minds of children and preparing them for the outside world. In fact, of all the subjects Ken touched upon in his writings, one of the closest to his heart is the family. As one who was brought up by a dedicated mother with no father, he consistently addresses the need for a true Christian home. Leadership in the home was a central theme that runs through his works. His book “Fathering like the Father: Becoming the dad God wants you to be”, sums up his views. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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