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One of the most attractive careers to an individual committed to the overall development and progress of his fellow beings has been Counseling Psychology, which is a psychological specialty encompassing important domains of human involvement such as supervision and training,…
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Professional Statement for Psychology Counseling BA degree
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Professional ment for Psychology Counseling BA degree One of the most attractive careers to an individual committed to the overall development and progress of his fellow beings has been Counseling Psychology, which is a psychological specialty encompassing important domains of human involvement such as supervision and training, career development and counseling, diversity and multiculturalism, and prevention and health. The professional practice of psychological counseling has great importance in the contemporary world as people are troubled by more and more psychological issues and the role of a professional in psychological counseling is unquestionable. As an individual who has deep concerns for the miseries and issues faced by the fellow human beings, I have often regarded the career of a professional practitioner of psychological counseling as an effective way to render my service to the well being of the society and the people around me. Similarly, a reflective self appraisal of my strengths, weaknesses, and personal qualities also offers me the good reason for selecting a career in Psychology and Counseling. As an individual who has successfully completed Bible college graduation, I am most concerned about the psychological affairs of the people around. I also have great experience of working among people who need mental strength and support. Along with my regular preaching in various religious programs, I also conduct Bible studies for women at a rescue mission. The experience that I gathered from such activities, significantly, strengths and personal qualities as a person qualified for the career in Psychology and Counseling. I share great compassion with people who are in distress and miseries, and have a strong desire to help them accomplish their goals. I have often been excited to find positive changes in the lives of people around me through care, compassion and divine understanding. My Christian values and spirit of compassion and charity also have contributed to my decision to opt for this career and course. Therefore, a self appraisal of my strengths, weaknesses, personal qualities definitely confirm that my experiences and qualifications will contribute to my chosen field, which is Psychology and Counseling (BA) degree.
The career of Psychology and Counseling has a great scope in the development of my personal life and achievement of my life-goals. As a person who has ever been interested in assisting people in need, the career of a professional practitioner of psychological counseling can help me realize my career goals, and I understand Psychology and Counseling (BA) degree as a gateway to my successful career and life. I have attained important experience of dealing with the issues of human beings in different spheres of life. My career as a Human Resource Professional has offered me the opportunity to deal with varying groups of employees, understanding their motives and reasons for their actions and behaviors. Thus, I am convinced with my ability to deal with people and their problems, and this course can offer me significant progress in this regard. Along with these experiences and qualifications in relation to people management and assistance, my strengths, abilities, and personal qualities can contribute to a proficient career in Psychology and Counseling. This particular program can prepare me for the independent professional practice of psychological counseling. I am most hopeful about the proposed instruction in counseling theory, therapeutic intervention strategies, patient/counselor relationships, group therapy, family therapy, child and adolescent therapy etc. In short, I am greatly convinced about my strengths, abilities, and personal qualities that can contribute to my chosen field, which is Psychology and Counseling (BA) degree. Read More
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