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Intercultural communications - Term Paper Example

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                 This essay explores Thai culture in its entirety, emphasizing the common differences in this culture when compared to mine. Our big world is full of cultures that make people unique in their own ways. And the essence of studying one culture and…
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Intercultural communications
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Download file to see previous pages As it is almost impossible to describe or explain any culture in a few words, but picking the most important facts, Thai culture could be said to be dynamic. One cannot describe Thai culture well without, first of all, mentioning the royal family. Everything in this South East Asian country rallies around the Thai King, who is both the official and constitutional head of Thai Kingdom (Baker & Phongpaichit 35). There are countless festivals, seasonal celebrations and rituals to mark the King’s birthday, the royal history and the history of Thailand. A short insight into the history of Thailand revealed that past Thai Kings had fought many battles to keep Thai people alive. Till today, Thailand is one of the countries in the world that has never been colonized by any foreign powers. So, Thai culture is almost unaffected by any strange culture unlike in case of many former colonist countries, where the colonialist cultures, be it British, French or Portuguese have changed the way people in such countries behave. Thai culture remains traditionally Thai, though modernity is changing the people’s lifestyles, but it doesn’t forcefully erase Thai traditional ways of life.
Starting with fashion, the traditional Thai fashion is made from the shining Thai silk that has several colors. Shirts could be made for men using the silk, and Thai women often adore themselves with tight skirts, wrappers and blouse sewed from the Thai silk. A typical festival in Thailand would reveal how colorful this Thai silk is, and how fitting they look on Thai people.
In the area of food and dishes, there are traditional but delicious Thai cuisines: prominent among them are the Tom Yum Kung and rice and noodles. Like most Asian dishes, Thai foods are salty, peppery, spicy, sweet or n\bitter. Rice appears to be the staple food for Thai people, but they eat it with varieties of soups and other side ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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