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Fences - Essay Example

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Set in the backdrop of 1950’s, ‘Fences’ stands sixth in position among Wilson’s ten- part Pittsburgh Cycle. ‘Fences’ explores evolving African-American experience and…
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Extract of sample "Fences"

Download file to see previous pages Kittel when he was born to a German father and an African-American mother in 1945 and was raised in Pittsburgh mostly by his mother and his step-father. Wilson witnessed the areas where blacks were highly discriminated and undermined. He himself became the victim of racism when he was accused of plagiarism in school for writing a sophisticated essay and was thrown out of the institute. Fences portray the condition of blacks in the 1950’s. The play begins in 1957 between the Korean and Vietnam wars and ends in 1965. But the themes of the play directly hits the consciousness in a pre-civil-rights-movement and pre-Vietnam –war-era-psyche.
In the play, Maxson is the representative of an amalgamation of black men’s history of the south and the present life of the north. Wilson’s plays take place in his home town of Pittsburgh and Fences is no exception. Wilson draws a clear picture of the America in 1950’s. He portrays the time through his play as a new world of opportunity when the blacks began to open up, leaving those like Tory, who were raised in the first half of the century, only to feel like aliens in their own land.
The play Fences is divided into two acts, the Act I comprises of four scenes where as the Act II comprises of five scenes. The Play opens on Friday which is Bono and Tory’s pay day. Both the person goes to Tory’s house for their weekly ritual of drinking and chatting. Tory asked Mr. Rand, their boss about the discrimination done with the blacks and the reason for not allowing them to drive the garbage car and only engaging them to lift garbage. Act I also puts forward many other issues of the play like Bono thinking about Tory’s infidelity towards his wife and Cory (Tory and Rose’s son) recruited by a college football team. Tory moves back in time and start to narrate the story about his struggle in the July of 1943 with death. Lyons arrives at Tory’s house because he knows that it is Tory’s pay day. In the meantime, Rose ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyze August Wilson's Fences

...people. All of them were in search of personal freedom and identity. The play “Fences” depicts the protagonist from the African American race, who tries to establish his unique ability, but fails in his attempt. Troy, the protagonist goes back to the 1900s when he was working under the cruel authority of a sharecropper who was himself a product of the Reconstruction era. The mindset of this character plays a lot here when he deals with his son. The garbage collector, who dreamt of becoming the driver of the wagon, knew that to become a member in the National League is a dream beyond his reach. The past experiences and the desire to become something in future were the two driving forces of Troy Maxon and his son Cory. The...
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Fences by August Wilson

...which powered it to unravel the conflict of African Americans. The city is a metaphor which is depicted as a replica of the then societal norms. Through Troy and Bono the author delineates the black and the way in which they are treated by the Whites. They want to become drivers. But they are not permitted. The formation of color consciousness in him begins to develop through the city life. For the author the city is the easiest way to convey briefly the discriminating powers to the audience. In this drama death is a character. It becomes an object that Troy attempts to battle. When he narrates the story he explains how once he wrestled with death and won. When his son leaves his house and goes beyond the ‘fences’, actually Troy is...
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Fences by August Wilson

.... In some time, Troy dies, and it is highlighted that he had got to paradise. Fences is a drama about a national, American leisure. The famous white baseball player, Babe Ruth, died at the age of 53; Troy is 53 at the beginning of the play, and a comparison of Ruth and Troy is both persuasive and relevant. Babe Ruth had all traits Troy has: large-spirited, alcohol drinker, womanizer and physically strong. It goes in accordance with August Wilson's purpose, probably, to describe their different destinies. If Yankee Stadium is, by reputation, associated with Ruth, then Troy is associated with fairly different things: a back-alley of Pittsburgh, the life his family has on his garbage man's salary, the rag ball he hits with a dirty boot...
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August Wilsons Fences

... [Supervisor August Wilson’s “Fences” In the play Fences by August Wilson, Troy is given away as a man who has hurt the people who are nearby to him without even realizing it. He has acted not sensitive and uncaring to his wife, Rose, his brother, Gabriel and his son, Cory. At the beginning of the story, Troy feels he has done right by them. He feels this through out the story. He doesn’t realize how much he has hurt them. Troy is the son of an abusive father. His father was hardly around to raise him. When he was around, he made him do chores and if he didn’t do them he would beat him. One time, after Troy tied up the mule, just as his father told him to, he went off to the creek with a girl to ‘enjoy himself.’ The mule got loose, and his...
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The Physical and Virtual Fences in Different Arenas of Politics, Economy, Land and Their Correlation

... of political agendas, directives etc. The writer considers both apparent and implied effect of the fences containing or excluding people. While the apparent effect is in the form of restlessness, financial and other materialistic losses, still deeper effect comes in terms of shaping of psychologies of people by divesting them of their freedom of expression and equality of opportunity He employs different examples of sufferings and failures by different communities or countries on account of such policies inspired by the idea of boundary-making. He explains their harmful effects as envisaged in the form of financial insecurity as faced by people of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia etc He mentions the plight of refugees from China, Romania...
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Chart on 2 plays Fences by: August Wilson & A Dollhouse By:Henrik Ibsen

...Death and baseball motif home as unreal, a dolls house Fences Irony While Nora is treated as a doll Troy escaped the violence of she is financially responsible, his father, but showed the Torvald is the one limited in same intolerance of his own knowledge sons aspirations Symbolism The use of the doll motif The symbol of the fence as a figurative device Foreshadowing No No Flashbacks No No In creating both works, imagination ha splayed an important role, because both authors have utilized figurative devices to portray the tensions and conflicts in the play. The author in Doll’s House creates meaning by demonstrating how the characters go against stereotypes, thereby highlighting the plight and...
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Comparison Between Death of a Salesman & Fences

... while the Death of a Salesman is a story of the middle class American Caucasian of the 1940s. The story of Death of a Salesman centres around the disillusioned Willy Loman’s inability to stay focused on things and is replete with flashbacks. Willy’s family is struggling to survive and Biff, the son is unemployed and constantly fighting with Willy. There is a constant failure in jobs. The flashbacks reveal that Biffs career was jeopardized in high school when Biff finds his father having an affair. Eventually Biff accepts himself for what he is, but his father is unable to come to terms with failure and kills himself. Fences though written in was written in 1986 portrays a family of the fifties. It is a play that portrays the life...
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August Wilson's, Fences

... located in Pittsburg in 1968 and he published poetry (Kittel). He was most known for his plays because they each take place in a different part of the 20th Century. It is interesting to note that August Wilson’s birth name was Frederick August Kittel, which was his father’s name. His father did not spend much time with the family and after he died, August changed his name to Wilson to honor his mother. Wilson also found inspiration from a black artist, Romare Bearden. He said that Bearden’s work was the first time he had seen black people shown in all the richness of their culture. From that point on, he wanted to capture this work on stage. 3 Father Son Conflict in Fences In every good play there is some type of conflict that must...
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Thematic Comparison between Death of a Salesman and Fences

.... “Death of a Salesman” as the name suggests depicts a tale of the failures of salesman named Willy Loman and the manner in which he dreams for a better future yet is met by failure at every point. Moreover it also talks about the family problems of a failed man and his way of coping and dealing with disappointments in life. On the other hand “Fences” is a tale about Troy Maxson who works for the Sanitation Department and aspires to prosper at his job and his family life. Although contextually the two plays appear to be completely different from one another yet it is observed that some of the thematic concerns incorporated in the two plays are similar while the others are completely different. Moreover the manner in...
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Answer Fences

... Fences The play reflects instances of conflicts between the Black and white communities. Cory develops interest in playing baseball however, his dad cannot allow him playing the game because he fears racial discrimination that exists in the teams. Cory convinces his father to purchase a television so that they can catch up with the latest of sports series in the television. Troy dislikes the Pirates a baseball team since it discriminates against the blacks. He gives an example of Clement a Puerto Rican boy who never gets a chance to play. Troy proceeds further by suggesting that for a black man to be recruited in such a team one has to be twice as better as the white. This is a clear indication of the racial discrimination that exists...
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Fences by August Wilson

...of events in the Wilson’s play. Some of the fences outlined in the paly are realistic. There are events that manifest real life fences in the play. The realistic fences in this story dominantly manifest defensive features. For instance, Rose requires a fence that engulfs her homestead (Janet, 20). This was a realistic fence that was constructed by Bono and Troy upon a request from Rose. The major purpose of this fence was to defend Rose’s family. Evidently, this fence had a key objective of defense. There is a fence that defines the perimeter of the baseball field. Troy and other playmates maintain...
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Fences by August Wilson

... that his son will also be discriminated against, and he would not want his son to go through the same experiences that he had to go through as a baseball player. The play, Fences, portrays many aspects of the society refusing to play within the limits of the fences established around social morals, but rather the tendency to cross over the fence and invade the territory of others, in a way that serves to damage the lives of the individuals whose lives are intruded (Wilson, 36). The ethical, moral and even legal norms would demand that talent should be the basis of benefitting an individual, where an individual with a better talent will earn more out of the talent, than an individual with less talent in the same field. However, the society...
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Fences play Act 2

Unit Fence as a Metaphor in Fences. A metaphor is a direct comparison of two different things without using words like “as” and “like“.
Act one and two most consist of characters like Troy, Rose, Gabriel, Troy and Rose’s husband. Troy is Gabriel’s brother.
There is only one physical fence being put up by the characters, but what is more vital are the ideas that are being kept inside and outside of the fences. Therefore, the title Fences is more than a heading. They are being built by Troy and some other characters in the acts. The putting up of the fence exhibits symbolism, as Troy tries to fence in his own desires and wants. (Wilson 8)
One might say that, through this deed of trying to control his wishes, Troy finds hi...
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Freedom with Fences

...of keeping an equality equation between the freedom provided in terms of ingenious ideas production and ensuring that the true spirit of professionalism or the company’s outlook does not get affected in any counterproductive manner. Concept of fences also pertains to enacting the standard operating procedures and strict line of action. According to the author, the future holds more important and integrating role of the CIO who must administer over skill and arrangement of functions and resources. Ensuring the in time delivery and completion of tasks and projects would also amount to the CIOs duties in future. Level of trust must be developed but a preventive and precautionary layer of professional outlook must also be...
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Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilson's Fences

... has their own worldviews because of the sociological impediments. Due to sociological pressures, Troy becomes powerless to change his situation in society, thus, he projects his disappointment onto his sons, and this creates conflicts in their relationships; his sons lack fatherly love, care, and accommodation. Evidently, the father/son relationships highlighted in this play reflect the psychological argument that fathers always seek to regain their lives through their sons, by domineering and dictating to them the goals, dreams, and aspirations they should pursue in life. Works Cited August, Wilson. Fences. NY: Penguine Group. 1986. Koprince, Susan. “Baseball as history and myth in august Wilsons fences.” African American Review 40.2...
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